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Activision / 2011-11-06


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Game Details

You've always wanted a pet of your own. A cuddly friend to play with, to take care of and to tuck in at night. You don't have to wait any longer, and you don't have to worry about getting slobber on your clothes — an entire world of adorable, wide-eyed animals is right before your eyes, on your Nintendo DS. Put worries about homework, chores and annoying siblings behind — in the wonderful world of Zoobles, fun is around every corner and a friend is always right by your side. Your Zooble friend is ready for you, all you have to do is stay by her side.
Take care of your Zooble
Take care of your Zooble
Adopt a cute Zooble
Adopt a cute Zooble
Explore Petagonia
Explore Petagonia


Spring to Life and do exciting things you've only dreamed about in the colorful world of the Zoobles. As you begin your journey, select a faithful companion from 18 different Zoobles, and get ready to build a tight, loving bond. Bring your bright-eyed buddy along as you explore fantastic new realms, such as Petagonia, Azoozia, Chillville, Petal Point, Jungleoplis and Pinegrove, where you'll meet more than 40 different characters and have all-new experiences. Along the way, be sure to take good care of your special friend, by feeding, grooming and petting your Zooble, then tucking her in for bed as the sun sets on another exciting day. Make your new Happitat sparkle with chic decor and trendy accessories by collecting Zoints that unlock new items. When you have to step back into the real world for a spell, you can bring the fun with you thanks to this Limited Edition's exclusive Zooble toy. Are you ready for an ex-Zoo-berant adventure?

Key Features:

  • Nurture, pet and groom your new critter companion to build a close bond, and put your pet to bed when the day is done so he or she will have lots of energy in the morning
  • Explore the whimsical worlds of Petagonia, Azoozia, Chillville, Petal Point, Jungleoplis and Pinegrove and meet more than 40 new bright-eyed buddies along the way
  • Decorate your pet's Happitat with beautiful decor and dress up your Zooble in fashionable accessories, as you earn more than 120 new items by collecting Zoints
  • Adopt a cute and cuddly Zooble friend from a collection of 18 different loveable characters

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