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Eidos / 2007-06-01


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Zendoku is a martial arts-themed, puzzle battling game based on the enormously popular logic game, Sudoku. Experience fun and intuitive puzzle-battle gameplay in numerous single and multiplayer game modes. Challenge and defend yourself against a range of engaging martial arts-themed characters to win battles and advance. With a carefully considered learning curve, entertaining storylines and addictive gameplay, players everywhere will soon master the art of Zendoku.

Sudoku Gameplay - Zendoku incorporates martial arts themes and colorful symbols in an innovative twist to the massive puzzle craze sweeping the globe.

Fun Battle Action - Utilizing the Nintendo DS stylus and microphone, defend yourself from and reflect enemy attacks. Blow away obstacles, spin vault handles, block punches and much more!

Engaging Characters - Challenge diverse and colorful characters from Ninjas, Karate Masters, Samurais and more, each with unique storylines and special abilities.

Exciting Single-Player Modes:

Quest – Advance your character's story by beating progressively stronger opponents.

Zen – Beat the clock using themed symbols instead of numbers. Choose from 5 difficulty levels ranging from Easy to Master.

Attack Box – Learn to defend various attacks encountered on your journey.

Classic – Solve classic Sudoku puzzles with or without time limits. Choose from 5 difficulty levels ranging from Easy to Master.

Wireless Multiplayer Modes:

2-Player Battle – Launch attacks against opponents which they must clear or reverse to advance.

2-Player Co-op – Work together against the clock to fill in the grid.

Game-Sharing Function – Multiple players can compete in wireless mode, even if only one player has a game cartridge inserted!

Unlockable Content – Unlock new characters and attacks in Quest mode.

Infinite Puzzles – You'll never run out of puzzles with Zendoku’s infinite puzzle generator!


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