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Yoshis Touch and Go

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Yoshis Touch and Go

Nintendo / 2005-03-14


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Game Details

Yoshi and Baby Mario are about to embark on another wild adventure, this time on the Nintendo DS!

Using the Nintendo DS system's two screens and touch-screen capability, you'll have to help Yoshi guard Baby Mario and guide him to safety. On vertical-action levels, players must use the stylus to draw clouds on the touch screen to protect Baby Mario from enemies and lead him to Yoshi. On horizontal side-scrolling levels, players must use the stylus to look out for Yoshi as he gallops across the countryside. On top of all that, Yoshi Touch & Go (temporary title) also features two-player wireless play.

Yoshi Touch & Go is a great example of the innovative gameplay available with the Nintendo DS. Creating lines of clouds with the stylus is fun and intuitive, and despite the simple control interface the game can actually become quite challenging. There is something distinctly satisfying about drawing clouds on the bottom screen, then watching them scroll up and affect the game on the upper screen. We can't wait to test drive a complete version of this promising title.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Unlock Task
Sky blue yoshi Get 60 points in the flying level
Pink yoshi Get 80 points in the flying level
Blue yoshi Get 100 points in flying level
Yellow yoshi Get 120 points in flying level
Red yoshi Get 140 points in flying level
Black yoshi Get 160 points in flying level
Time Attack Mode Get 300+ points in Score Attack mode
Challenge Mode Go 3000+ meters in Endless Mode
Bronze Yoshi Go 10.000+ meters in Endless





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