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Ultimate Band

Disney Interactive / 2008-11-25

Rhythmic Gaming

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Game Details

Rock and roll comes in all shapes, sizes, flavors and colors, but there is one unavoidable truism to it. All great bands don't just play their music, they live it as well. And now whether you are a gamer, a music lover or both, you can do the same as you play and perform moves just like a rock star with Ultimate Band for Nintendo DS.

Instrument customization in 'Ultimate Band' for DS

Customizable instruments.
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Character choises in  'Ultimate Band' for DS

Play as 8 different band-mates.
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Song list from 'Ultimate Band' for DS

15+ songs on 3 settings.
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Designed to accommodate musical dreams ranging from solo acts played out in singleplayer, to the fortunes of a full-fledged band that players can form with up to three friends and played out wirelessly, Ultimate Band for DS puts players on the fast track to Rock n' Roll stardom by advancing their music careers and popularity on the local scene as they learn to play the guitar, bass guitar and drums with nothing but a D-pad and a stylus. Eventually practice and the games 15+ song list will lead players and their bands out of the neighborhood garage and on to the stages of local cafes and clubs. But with a little more effort this could also possibly earn you a spot on bills performing in front of international audiences at world-famous in-game venues. No matter how big you get though, Ultimate Band doesn't let you forget that Rock n' Roll is all about the ride. Players on the way to the top will enjoy plenty of opportunity for funky character customization via clothing and unlockable, accessories, instruments and of course Rock n' Roll attitude. They will also get a shot at making some real music as practice and successful gigging lead to trips to recording studio sessions with the game's custom track recorder. The result might just be the biggest little rock star maker players will ever see.

Start screen for 'Ultimate Band' for DS Key Game Features:
  • Four Instrument Choices: Play up to four unique instruments including the lead guitar, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and drums.
  • Plenty of Tracks: Rock out and perform over 15 music tracks by top artists in rhythm gameplay.
  • Make Your Own Music: Create, perform and share your own compositions in the recording studio with creative play.
  • Multiple Gameplay Options: Tackle to music world alone or with your favorite band-mates over a wireless connections.
  • DGamer Functionality Included: Disney's all-new online community exclusively for Disney gamers DGamer allows players to create a unique 3-D avatar, personalize your profile, unlock exclusive Disney collectibles, track your in-game achievements and chat with your friends using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on your DS.
Added Bonus of DGamer Functionality
Offered free with Ultimate Band, DGamer is Disney's online community that utilizes the Wi-Fi capabilities of your Nintendo DS to allow you to connect with other Disney gamers across North America. Through the DGamer community players can create their own identity via an avatar, chat about games, unlock unique collectibles, collect virtual currency and track leaderboard stats. You also have the ability to "gift" items collected in the game to your friends.

Nintendo Wii/DS Connectivity
If you have Ultimate Band for the Nintendo DS you can sit in with players on the Wii version. Simply set your DS to search Wii versions of Ultimate Band in range and you can join in the fun. While the Wii gamers roam from gig to gig and in and out of the studio, you have the ability to play VJ by altering the color of the lights, as well as turning on and off stage effects among other things.


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