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Treasure World

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Treasure World

Aspyr Media / 2009-06-30

Rhythmic Gaming

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• Wireless Internet hotspots that surround us are the key to Treasure World’s game play.
• While in hunt mode, Treasure World detects any available wireless signal and unlocks a unique dynamic treasure that players can then collect and incorporate into their secret in game world.
• Treasure World contains thousands of unlockable treasures that reflect hundreds of different themes that appeal to boys, girls and gamers of all ages.
• Playtime is endless, as there will always be new places in the real world to explore and new treasures to discover.
• Time sensitive treasures will be released daily, for special events, holidays and more, but the player must have their DS on in order to receive them.

• With their collection of unlocked treasures, players will be able to build and customize a character and in-game world that is uniquely their own.
• Treasures can be moved, duplicated and used to create whatever the gamer imagines.
• Each treasure also carries its own sound or tone. Players will be able to make their own song or series of sounds by placing treasures strategically within the game world and activating the music feature.
• Music patterns, along with every treasure in the game, can be shared with friends.

• The Treasure World Club is an online playground where players can share their creativity and personality through their customized character and world.
• A colorful, fun and safe Web-based community, The Treasure World Club lets players show off their in-game world, share music and connect with friends to talk about where they found their latest discoveries.
• Weekly announcements via the website will continuously drive players to check out what’s new and when treasures will be released.
• Offline, gamers will be able to trade treasures and share songs in two ways - via local DS-to-DS connection and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

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