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TouchMaster 3

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TouchMaster 3

Warner Bros. / 2009-10-27

Puzzle / Cards

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Game Details

The third game in the wildly popular TouchMaster series that in the first two renditions has sold more than 1.3 million copies, TouchMaster 3 features 20 all-new mini-games designed for quick touchscreen gameplay on the Nintendo DS and DSi. Featuring an all-new reward system of achievements, as well as two-player DS wireless multiplayer support, with both a single and multi-card option, TouchMaster 3 is designed to be fun for the whole family.

TouchMaster 3 game logo
Trophy screen from TouchMaster 3

20 new games with trophy support.
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20 New, Addictive Games
Continuing with the TouchMaster tradition of addictive, easy to master DS stylus driven gameplay, TouchMaster 3 comes packed with 20 all-new games. Games come in virtually every casual gaming category, including action games, card games, puzzle games, and word games, with some being sequels to popular games seen in earlier TouchMaster releases, while others are entirely new to the series. Together this variety ensure endless hours of gameplay, no matter your handheld gaming tastes.

Designed not just for single player pick-up-and-play fun, but also to be shared with a friend, TouchMaster 3 includes two-player multiplayer support across nearly every one of the included titles. This support includes both DS wireless single-card and multi-card play options, meaning that only one game card is needed for two players to compete together. The game also features a robust reward system, including trophies, achievements and unique badges for each game included.

Key Game Features

  • 20 Fun and Addictive Games - TouchMaster 3 features 20 fun and addictive games that will keep you hooked and provide hours of game play. Games fall into one of five categories: card games, action/skill games, puzzle games, word, and strategy games.
  • 2-player Wireless Multiplayer - Games can now be beamed to your friends, allowing two-player play with just one cart or multiple carts.
  • No More Time Limits - Gameplay is now goal oriented and no longer a race against a set time limit. Time will factor in as a score modifier only, but gamers of all ages will be able to play at their own pace as they work to achieve a high score.
  • Reward System - You can earn trophies and achievements by reaching certain milestones for each game. Each mini-game will have five achievements associated with it on top of a high score trophy system. Unique badges and medals are rewarded to the player for completing these achievements.
  • Affordable Family-friendly Fun - With plenty of variety all in one package, TouchMaster 3 is perfect for any DS/DSi player looking for loads of pick up and play action at a bargain price.
A hex gem matching game from TouchMaster 3

Addictive DS play.
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Poker payout screen from TouchMaster 3

Favorite game categories.
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Sludgeworks, a version of the puzzle game Pipe Dream, from TouchMaster 3

2-player wireless multiplayer.
A work finder puzzle from TouchMaster 3

Affordable, endless fun.
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