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Teenage Zombies

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Teenage Zombies

Ignition Entertainment / 2008-04-15


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Game Details

Imagine that you are sleeping peacefully in your grave when you are suddenly disturbed by an alien invasion of Brain Thingys. In Teenage Zombies, all the humans have succumbed to ray-guns, mind-control and shiny flying saucers. You bypass the humans in favor of those big pulsing pink brains you see everywhere. They sure look yummy! But you realize that there's an ultimate lunch out there--the Big Brain. You play either Fins, a foul-smelling, obese zombie with squid-like tentacles; Lefty, a former basketball player with a strong right arm; or Half Pipe, a zombie who is completely severed below the waist but who can squeeze under tight spots and roll down slopes at high speeds. Help those silly humans to save their planet but also get a delicious brainy meal in the end.

Seven distinct and challenging worlds, including the final battle on the Big Brain's mother ship

Sub-level intermissions featuring stylus-based mini-games to earn bonus points

Big Brain challenges to test your mighty muscle

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