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Tamagotchi: Corner Shop

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Tamagotchi: Corner Shop

Bandai / 2006-01-31


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Game Details

TamaTown is open for business!

Join your Tamagotchi friends as they open their first shop. Keep your customers happy and watch your business grow!

* Partner with your favorite Tamagotchi® character

* Choose your shop type and open for business!

* Clean teeth, do laundry, perform music and more for your customers

* Swap items with your friends wirelessly!

* Unlock secret codes for your Tamagotchi® Connection™ virtual pet!

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Reply #2

2007-07-26 00:00:00

If You Turn The Ds Off After Playing In The Bakery, You Turn It On And It Goes Up A Level.

Holly T.H
Reply #1

2006-09-01 00:00:00

Go to the password screen and enter in the password.Get a Hamburger 4957050328
Unlock Roller skates 2068994292
Unlock Tacos 3705468902
Unlock Beefsteak 0265745901
Unlock Donut 6487792064
Unlock Apple Pie 1359678841
Unlock Pizza 5449149607
Unlock Chips 9463780207
Unlock Hotdog 1678405478
Unlock Turkey 6654179018
Unlock Popcorn 9702643570
Unlock Blue sofa / desk. 5973098764


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