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Super Scribblenauts

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Super Scribblenauts

Warner Bros. / 2010-10-12


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Game Details

Super Scribblenauts is a unique puzzle/action-platforming game for Nintendo DS/DSi in which solutions to challenges faced in-game literally take shape out of the words and phrases that the player spells out. Loaded with a memory of tens of thousands of nouns/objects, that can now be modified via a new adjective system, the game allows players to bring to life virtually any physical solution that they can represent in words, making for a creative gameplay experience not to be missed. Additional features include: 120 new levels, new optional D-pad controls, a new level editor and more.
Super Scribblenauts game logo
Maxwell in his flying bathtub in Super Scribblenauts
Lend you words to Maxwell in 120 all-new puzzle and action platforming levels.

Cultivate the Power of Your Words

Our hero, the Starite collecting Maxwell, returns in Super Scribblenauts, the word-driven puzzle and action platformer that allows you to succeed in off-the-wall scenarios using solutions that are as weird, wacky and varied as your vocabulary. The game contains 120 brand-new levels, which like its predecessor are filled with either puzzle-solving or action-oriented challenges which are solved/survived by players who utilize their vocabularies to conjure up usable objects that appear as they are typed out on the DS' lower screen. Super Scribblenauts, recognizes the tens of thousands of words/objects that the original game could, as well as hundreds more on top of that. In addition, it now also recognizes adjectives, which makes for a myriad number of word combinations that translate to many, many, many more possible combinations of all shapes, sizes, color and condition related solutions usable in-game. Additional features include: a new hint system that allows hints to be purchased in-game, a new optional D-pad driven control system for Maxwell, an improved level editor, and more.

Key Game Features

  • Adjective System – Along with tens of thousands of nouns/objects that the game recognizes, the new Adjective System allows players to modify objects in-game reflecting real life behaviors, personalities and characteristics of the objects they are applied to.
  • 120 brand new levels – A blend of puzzle and action-platforming levels with more lengthy and in-depth experiences and scenarios.
  • Updated Dictionary - Super Scribblenauts contains hundreds of new objects.
  • Multi Layered Hints – Can't figure that puzzle out? Now you have an option to purchase more explicit hints with "Ollars," the in-game currency within the Scribblenauts universe.
  • Dynamic Merit System – Dynamic merits during gameplay awarded upon the satisfaction of their criteria.
  • Immediate Feedback System – See your progress as it happens throughout each level.
  • New Controls – Use the D-pad or DS/DSi stylus touch controls to move Maxwell throughout the game world.
  • New Level Editor – Create your own level layout with the tile painting tools or quickly create from easy to use templates. These can then be shared online.

Additional Screenshots

Word and phrase input screen from Super Scribblenauts
Create solutions from words.
Maxwell facing a challenge in Super Scribblenauts
More objects & now adjectives.
Maxwell finding a Starlite in Super Scribblenauts
Collect Starlites to move on.
Level editor from Super Scribblenauts
Level editor & new controls.

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2010-12-20 00:00:00

Make a bomb and a harmless potion. Set off the bomb, and quickly use the potion. It glitches up the game!


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