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Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll

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Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll

Sega / 2006-02-21


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Super Monkey Ball steps up to the next level on Nintendo DS with the latest installment, Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll!


* Three Single-player modes: Challenge, Practice and Replay
* Six party games: All new Monkey Wars and Monkey Air Hockey join the roster of Super Monkey Ball favorites Monkey Race, Monkey Fight, Monkey Bowling and Monkey Mini-Golf
* Bring your friends to the party: All party games support up to four players and allow you to play as either a boss or a normal player. If your friends donít own a copy of the game, use DS Download to play Monkey Wars and Monkey Air Hockey
* Total touch-screen control

Precision in Super Monkey Ball games has always been important, but the use of the stylus almost makes you spoiled with control, making the Controla Pad archaic. You use the DS touch screen to control your encapsulated simean as it rolls around various stages. You want to keep your monkey on the playing field as opposed to having him roll off into a bottomless pit.

Although there are more than 100 new stages to roll through, the new party games bring some sport and long-term playability to Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll. Up to four players can go for the glory in Monkey Hockey, Bowling and Mini-Golf, to name a few. The multiplayer features both multicard and DS Download Play. The Mini-Golf game especially is a lot of fun to play.

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