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Style Savvy

Nintendo / 2009-11-02


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Game Details

Style Savvy is a fashion based simulation and social game for Nintendo DS and DSi that allows players to build unique styles for themselves and others with their stylus. Aimed at tween and teen girls, it combines creativity and fashion as players take on challenges ranging from personal style consultations in their own boutiques, to multiplayer mini-games on the catwalk using the game's collection of trendy clothes, chic accessories and stylish shoes.

Style Savvy game logo
Style Savvy puts player in the role of an up and coming boutique owner tasked with building up her business by serving as a style consultant for AI customers. To do this you must consider customers' budget and wants to provide them with a new look. As in real fashion, these styles are based around the seasons, which the game recognizes through its integration with the DS or DSi's calendar. The more happy customers are, the more money they spend in your shop and the more repeat business you will get from them and their friends. This in-game money can be used to add to the stock that your boutique carries, which is drawn from the game's 16 different designer labels and more than 10,000 individual in-game apparel items. The game also features character customization including head shape, eyes and lips, hair color, hair style and makeup choices, as well as multiplayer options.

Multiplayer Support

In-game character example from Style Savvy

Create distinct style with your stylus.
View larger.
Style Savvy also comes with a a few different multiplayer features. The first are mini-games through a local Nintendo Wi-Fi connection that allow up to four total players to battle in fashion runway contests to see who has the best eye for fashion. Through DS multi-card wireless play you can also invite other players to visit your boutique where they can browse your boutique's wares, find outfits and items that they like and download them to wear in-game.

Key Game Features

  • Serve as a style consultant to AI customers who visit your boutique in search of a new look.
  • Utilize 16 different in-game designer labels, each with its own distinct style and price point, as well as more than 10,000 items and a range of customers with a variety of styles and personalities.
  • The game stays fresh through its integration of the DS and DSi's calendar functionality for seasonal fashion requests.
  • Money earned by satisfying customer needs can be used to gain access to additional designer labels in-game and additional apparel items for your boutique.
  • In-game customization features including the look of your character's head shape, eyes, lips, hair color, hair style and makeup.
  • Multiplayer options including 4-player wireless mini-games and the ability to shop in other player's boutiques for new fashions.
AI customer to your boutique in Style Savvy

Fulfill fashion needs.
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One of more than 10,000 available in-game apparel items in Style Savvy

10,000+ items.
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In-game environments from Style Savvy
Various game environments.
Multiplayer contest screen from Style Savvy

Multiplayer options.
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