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Spore Hero Arena

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Spore Hero Arena

Electronic Arts / 2009-10-06


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Game Details

Create your Spore hero and prepare fight to become the galactic champion. An arena style fighter, Spore Hero Arena allows players for the first time to build fully 3D Spore creatures on your Nintendo DS and take them into battle. In addition, you can explore planets all over the galaxy, fight creatures, and gather parts to customize and enhance your mighty hero. Join the fight and compete in a variety of arena battles against dangerous enemies in your quest to become the galactic champion and save the galaxy.

'Spore Hero Arena' game logo
Spore character creator functionality in 'Spore Hero Arena'

Create a galactic champion.
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Story and Gameplay
Stranded on an alien planet after you are knocked out of the sky by a mysterious red meteor, it quickly becomes clear that not all is well on your temporary home. The planet you find yourself on is known for the arena style battles that its inhabitants engage in, but the same meteor that did your ship in has somehow managed to corrupt the usually good-natured combatants into an all out lust to be king of the arena. Maybe due to you being from off-world, you have been spared this corruption, but seeing as you are not affected it is also your task to help the others by yourself becoming the ultimate arena champion. Utilize an easy to use Creature Creator system and master your skills in the arena against up to three other competitors via Nintendo Wi-Fi connections to do just that in Spore Hero Arena.

Key Game Features

  • Create your own Hero with over 150 parts and powers, now for the first time in 3-D on the DS.
  • Fight dangerous enemies in arenas across the galaxy, from all - out 4 creature "Battle Royales", to capture the crown "King of the Planet" challenges, and much more.
  • Summon over 15 devastating Bio-Power attacks, from lightning strikes to deadly ground stomps.
  • Brawl with your friends in 4 player wireless and 2 player Wi-Fi action.
  • Play an original Spore story, in the same galaxy as Spore Hero for Wii. Travel to a variety of planets, completing missions, and challenging opponents who have been corrupted by an evil power. Fight to become the ultimate Spore Hero and save the galaxy.

Additional Screenshots:
Arcade style fighting action in 'Spore Hero Arena'

Exciting arena action.
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3D Spore creatures in 'Spore Hero Arena'

3D Spore creatures.
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Easy stats checks in 'Spore Hero Arena'

Easy stats checks.
Map showing all four Wi-Fi players in 'Spore Hero Arena'

4-player support.
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