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Spitfire Heroes: Tales Royal Air Force

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Spitfire Heroes: Tales Royal Air Force

Destineer / 2008-02-27

Air Combat

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Your heart will pound the moment the scramble alarm echoes across Hampton Airfield. Within moments, the entire squadron of WWII Royal Air Force pilots and planes launch to intercept the enemy threatening their way of life. As the English fighters clamor to the sky, out on the field sits the pride of RAF, a Spitfire, fully armed and ready…waiting for you. Your country is depending on you to risk navigating dangerous skies to protect it during its darkest hour. This is the time when the world needs your courage and character. Win this fight for survival and you will join the elite…you’ll be on eof the “Few” - the Spitfire Heroes.

* Multiplayer: 1 to 4 players. Intense multiplayer air combat pits you against the best pilots in the Luftwaffe. Link up with friends via DS wireless and you can select aircraft from either side to fight your way to victory.

* Dog Fights: Race your Spitfire into intense aerial combat. Success in battle is rewarded with upgrades in armament and improved aircraft.

* Missions: Objectives for each mission are spelled out in the briefing room. Escort bombers, destroy convoys, and protect major cities.

* Cooperative Play: The DS wireless connection lets you fly with…and against your friends. Specially designed missions for flying as a squadron.

* Over 30 action-packed missions.

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