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Spider-Man: Battle for New York

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Spider-Man: Battle for New York

Activision / 2006-11-14

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Play as both Green Goblin and Spider-Man in the most customizable Spider-Man handheld game ever.

Green Goblin has escaped from SHIELD custody and has enlisted the help of Kingpin to work on a diabolical scheme to turn the cities gang members into Oz enhanced soldiers. It’s up to the heroic Spider-Man to thwart the evil duo’s plans and make the streets of New York safe once again.

• Green Goblin and Spider-Man™: Create havoc as the most popular Marvel villain, Green Goblin and defend New York City from evil as the heroic Spider-Man.

• Customizable Combat Abilities: Personalize the experience by choosing what abilities to improve in both Green Goblin and Spider-Man™. From improved web slings as Spider-Man™ to more devastating attacks by Green Goblin, this is a customized experience.

Special Moves: Earn points to gain spin-kicks, crouch kicks, web whips and other cool moves for Spider-Man™. Earn points to gain ground stomps, double fisted ground pound, and flaming wrecking ball as Green Goblin.

NDS Only
• Touch Screen Integrated mini games: Make innovative usage of the DS touch screen in challenges throughout the game.

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