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Spectral Force Genesis

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Spectral Force Genesis

Ignition Entertainment / 2010-03-16

Role Playing Game

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In Spectral Force Genesis you choose your own motherland, invade and unify the world of Neverland by becoming the overlord of the rest of the thirty nine countries. This game has already made a name for itself with the last installments by having a cast of intriguing characters and a complex web of political as well as personal relationships between them. This newest installment makes use of the touch pen facility in battle wars to make controls more intuitive. Direct your armies with your touch pen and indicate the speed they should march at with your movements. Some armies are better with speedy battles and some are better with prolonged sieges, understand your forces before you deploy them. This is a strategy role-playing game (RPG) in which players maneuver armies around a map in order to gain military control of a fantastical world. Battles are depicted from an overhead perspective as small figures clash their swords and use magic against each other. Full support for 802.11e standards

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