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Space Invaders Revolution

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Space Invaders Revolution

Taito / 2005-08-30


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Game Details

From retro to now-tro, Space Invaders Revolution shows that descending aliens can still pose a serious threat to your trigger finger.


* 24 levels in New Age mode

* Includes classic Space Invaders arcade game

* Traditional and touch-screen controls

From the mind of designer Tomohiro Nishikado, creator of the classic coin-op shooter Space Invaders, comes Space Invaders Revolution. Battle waves of invaders over 24 real-world locations leading up to a final showdown on the moon.

You can choose between the 1978 classic Space Invaders or update your world and take on the aliens in New Age mode. New Age mode doesn't just feature an updated look to your ship and faster-to-react controls. It also features many variations on the original gem. The simple rules of Space Invaders are expanded and twisted into a modern game. Some stages play like traditional Space Invaders, but other stages call for you to shoot the aliens in a certain order. In another, the aliens can turn white, and when you shoot a white one, it splits into two.

In New Age mode, you'll travel around the globe to take aliens. Each location contains three stages you'll need to clear before moving on to the next stage, all leading up to a final confrontation on the moon. Players get a helping hand from an array of power-ups, including protective shields, additional support craft, rapid-fire shots and column-clearing laser beams.

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