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Snood 2: On Vacation

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Snood 2: On Vacation

DSI Games / 2005-11-16


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Welcome back to Snood in an all encompassing new style. Same old friends but new twists giving fun to all the family!! We have arrived at Snoodville and the action is all go, go, go. Classic snood turned sideways is a massive issue as all the snoods fall to the floor. Once they meet up with three of their own color, all the action starts to happen. Clear the board of all the snoods in classic time limits and playmodes and test your skill literally on the edge. No more snoods available !! What do we do now? We fire a grappling hook to hook the snoods and pull them back to snood central! Then fire them to where we want them to be to make them fall from the board. Sounds simple BUT watch out. If you leave a poor snood by itself, you will never finish the game. Circular snood has got me in a spin! Fire the snoods up to the highest levels of gameplay . Watch out, there are no straight sides to bounce off! You are in a circular tube and the snoods will bounce and fly everywhere if your angles are wrong. Just when you think you have the game beaten the whole world rotates and leaves you fighting to stay in the game!


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