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Sims 3, The

Electronic Arts / 2010-10-26


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Game Details

The Sims 3 for DS is a life simulation game that brings authentic gameplay elements, long enjoyed in PC versions of the game, to the small screen of the Nintendo DS. Packed with depth rarely, if ever seen in a simulation game developed for a handheld, and utilizing the functionality of the DS' stylus and touchscreen, The Sims 3 allows players to actually craft the lives of their Sims, rather than simply follow predetermined paths. This combined with additional features such as a extreme customization and a new Karma game element that can impact the lives of Sims for good or ill, results in a gameplay experience equally suited to both new and longtime fans of the series.
The Sims 3 for DS game logo

The most advanced handheld sim game to date.

A Breakthrough in Handheld Sim Gaming

The Sims 3 for Nintendo DS provides the first opportunity ever to enjoy a truly complete life simulation gaming experience on a handheld platform. True to the gameplay experience of the PC version, this DS release allows players create Sims with unique personalities, fulfill their desires, and control their lives within a living neighborhood. The flexibility to do so, specifically as the player chooses, comes from the game's improved utilization of the DS stylus/touchscreen control combination. With this, players can more thoroughly take command of details of their Sims lives, including customizing physical features and personality traits, altering wardrobe and personalities, tweaking aspects of the physical game environment and interacting with others Sims.

In addition, players can unlock all-new Karma Powers and unleash them on your Sims. These can be used to help your Sims get lucky with the power of "rapid romance", bless them with "instant beauty" or at the opposite end of things, curse them with the "instant enemy." Use these powers wisely, because they may have unexpected results. Either way, as you guide your Sims through life The Sims 3 for Nintendo DS allows you to complete opportunities to unlock items and rewards like never before in this ultimate handheld life simulator.

Key Game Features

  • First Complete Life Simulation on the Nintendo DS - Create any Sim you can imagine and control their lives. Control multiple Sims within your household and enjoy life's special moments as you interact with their world.
  • Create Sims and Give Them Unique Personalities - Use your stylus to sculpt your Sims' facial features. Choose their hair styles and clothing and dictate their personalities. Make them evil, romantic, hot-headed, neurotic, or a mix of something completely different.
  • Control your Sims' Destinies - Choose whether or not to fulfill your Sims' destinies by making their wishes come true, or letting their dreams die. Will your Sims be emperors of evil, world leaders, or expert thieves? It's up to you.
  • Customize Your Sims World - For the first time ever on DS, build your Sims home with tools to draw walls and floors, and customize with decor objects, textures, and more.
  • Unlock All-New Karma Powers - Wield the ultimate control over your Sims giving them wealth, beauty, and love, or take it all away with the click of a button.

Additional Screenshots

A sim painting in The Sims 3 for DS
Guide your sim's passions.
Attitudes toward marriage in The Sims 3 for DS
Utilize the new Karma system.
Two sims experiencing domestic bliss in The Sims 3 for DS
Find happiness where you can.

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