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Warner Bros. / 2009-09-15


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Game Details

Scribblenauts is a unique single player side-scrolling action game for the Nintendo DS that challenges players to solve spatially oriented puzzles like no game before it. In it players use an in-game notepad/keyboard, as well as the touch screen and stylus of the Nintendo DS, to conjure up solutions to the obstacles placed in the path of the game's hero. Solutions are manifested in the form of literally thousands of items--many very unexpected--that are called up and take on a life of their own, resulting in puzzle-solving that is limited only by the player's imagination.

Maxwell with a Starite in a tree in 'Scribblenauts'

Get creative in collecting Starites.
View larger.
'Scribblenauts' game logo
Based around 2D side-scrolling action and word play, the premise of Scribblenauts is simple; quite literally, anything you write, you can use and reuse in the game. Players use the DS' touch-screen and the in-game notepad/keyboard to help their character, Maxwell, as he moves throughout 220 increasingly difficult levels on his never-ending quest for the star-like "Starites." But it is not as easy as reaching up and plucking a Starite. Attaining them requires Maxwell to solve spatially oriented puzzles. To do this players describe objects via the notepad/keyboard, which in turn appear on the game screen and facilitate the starite making its way to Maxwell. There are literally thousands of items in the game, both utilitarian like ladders, ropes, cars and buses, to the outlandish items, such as invisibility cloaks, pirates and black holes. There are time limits on levels, as well as a limitation to the number of items that can be used per level. But regardless of these restrictions, the game is all about experimentation, imagination and endless replay value as players open their minds to the nearly limitless possibilities that are sure to make Scribblenauts unlike any side-scrolling platformer they have ever played.

Key Features

  • Create Your Own Interactive Experience - Objects you write down in the game are only limited by your imagination.
  • Everyone Can Play - Scribblenauts features all-ages pick-up-and-play fun for everyone.
  • Touch-screen Controls - Easy to pick up and play on Nintendo DS. If you can tap, you can play.
  • Unlimited Replay Value - Use less objects to increase your score, or experiment with different objects for endless replay value. Write anything; solve everything.
  • Playground Mode - Play the entire game in a sandbox style right on the title screen.
  • Create and Share - Share levels you create with the level editor via your Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Innovative New Title from Leading Developer - 5th Cell, the creator of the Drawn to Life franchise and Lock's Quest, has experience creating high-quality, innovative DS games.
Additional Screenshots:
The 'Scribblenauts' input notepad

Spell it & use it.
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Helicopter object in 'Scribblenauts'

Thousands of objects.
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Level tracking and stats in 'Scribblenauts'

Track levels & stats.
A new kind of 2D platformer in 'Scribblenauts'

Object combining.
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Reply #2

2011-05-30 00:00:00

some things i have found are:Kobold,(the same as lizard man)jersy devil,flame sword,and if ya type in lander and select lunar lander, thats a shortcut.

Da Cheata
Reply #1

2010-07-31 00:00:00

put in mech for massive destruction!


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Cheat Codes: Move a Starite Through a Metal Beam

To move a Starite through a solid metal beam, attach the starite to a chain, and the chain to the beam. If the beam is lying flat, the Starite will fall through the beam. If its vertical, use a Fan (tool) and direct it through the beam. It will fly through while still attached to the chain.

Cheat Codes: Bring the Starite to You

A glitch, of sorts, in Scribblenauts can make the "Get the Starite" levels a breeze. Create "HANDCUFFS" and attach one end to the Starite. Create a "VENDING MACHINE" and set it next to the Starite, stretching the free handcuff over and attaching it to the machine. After attaching it, you'll suddenly get the option to "fill" the machine with the cuffs and, surprisingly, the Starite attached to them. You can now freely move that vending machine to your location, unpack it and grab the Starite. It's crude, cowardly and oh-so-effective.

Hints & Tips: Easy Ollars

On the final "Get to the Starite" level, you can reach the Starite by walking over to the four walls, waiting for them to move up and simply grabbing the Starite. Yeah it's that easy. 24 under par gets you about 6000 Ollars plus however much you get for finishing the level in 20 seconds. You can do this many times for easy Ollars.

Hints & Tips: Taming the Beast

Any monster/creature that is big enough to ride but also wants to kill you can be tamed if you feed it three times. It will fall asleep and then -- when it wakes up -- you can ride on it.

Cheat Codes:

Enter the following terms for extremely useful things:

  • Invincibility Cloak - Put this on and you'll take no damage
  • Invisibility Cloak - Harmful creatures won't be able to see you with this item equipped
  • Pocket Knife - (Weapon) Infinitely useful!
  • Lunar Rover - Cancel out gravity in style

Unlockables: Alternate Costume

Complete all the Challenges to unlock the alternate costume for Maxwell. This costume is identical to the costume of the character that appears when you type SCRIBBLENAUT.

Easter Egg: Space Level

Enter the word TELEPORTER in the main menu/ lobby to be sent to a secret space level.

Cheat Codes: Re-Use Words in Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode encourages you to get creative by not allowing you to use the same words in three separate trials. If you are feeling uncreative, you can take advantage of The Great Adjective Exploit to bypass this entirely: just add an adjective (or gibberish) in front of a word and the game will give you a free pass to use it again. For instance, to "reuse" MONSTER, type SCARY MONSTER or GIANT MONSTER and the game will react as if you just used the term MONSTER for the first time!

Unlockables: Merits

Perform the actions below and beat the level to unlock the following Merits:

  • All New - Complete a level with objects you've never used before
  • Audiophile - Write 2 or more instruments or audio objects
  • Chauffeur - Drive a vehicle with more than one passenger
  • Chef - Write two or more foods
  • Closet - Write two or more clothes
  • Electrolysis - Shock someone with electricity
  • Elemental - Write more than one element
  • Exterminator - Two or more humanoidsor animals start a level, and are destroyed
  • Firefighter - Put out at least 2 fires
  • Genius - Complete a level twice in a row
  • Glutton - Feed someone or something 3 times in a row
  • Humanitarian - Write two or more humans
  • Jockey - Use an animal as a vehicle
  • Mechanic - Jump start a vehicle
  • Miner 49er - Dig a massive hole
  • New Object - Write a completely new item
  • No Weapons - Don't write a weapon to complete a level
  • Pariah - Make 3 humanoids or animals flee
  • Prodigy - Complete a level 3 times in a row
  • Pyromaniac - Set at least 4 objects on fire in a level
  • Roped In - Write 2 or more rope objects
  • Savior - Two or more humanoids or animals start and finish a level alive
  • Smuggler - Hide an item in a container
  • Tooling Around - Write 2 or more tool objects
  • Zookeeper - Write two or more animals

Unlockables: Advanced Mode / Gold Rankings

Replay a Challenge to unlock Advanced Mode. Complete the Challenge three times with different items each time to get a Gold Ranking.

Easter Egg: 5th Cell Staff Room

In Challenge Mode, create a "teleporter" and use it. You'll be taken to the 5th Cell Staff Room where you can view the developers and more.





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