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Resident Evil: Deadly Silence

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Resident Evil: Deadly Silence

Capcom / 2006-02-07


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Experience the terror of Raccoon City as heroes Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine try to survive a mansion filled with flesh hungry zombies, giant spiders, horrific amphibious creatures, mutant dogs and worse. Now the Survival Horror Classic Resident Evil® debuts with features exclusive to the Nintendo DS™.

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2006-11-16 00:00:00

to get super esye mode start a new game and hold right till it turns green all ammo and inkpads will tripple and you will have more health

alex .cosmic

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Special Touching Jill and Chris:
Allow Jill or Chris to enter their inactive animation, and then give them a tap in the chest area, or if they are facing away from the camera, tap their behind. Marvel at the bonus animations.

Unlock Albert Wesker in wireless multi-player:
Achieve "B" or greater rank in the Masters Of Knifing mini-game.

Unlock Barry Burton in wireless multi-player:
Finish the game as Jill.

Unlock Kenneth J. Sullivan in wireless multi-player:
Finish Classic mode as Chris.

Unlock Rebecca Chambers in wireless multi-player:
Finish Rebirth mode as Chris.

Unlock Masters Of Knifing mini-game:
Finish the game.

Unlock Rocket Launcher:
Finish the game in less than three hours. Start another game from your saved game file to begin with the Rocket Launcher in your inventory.





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