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Radiant Historia

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Radiant Historia

Atlus Software / 2011-02-22

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Radiant Historia is a single player turn-based RPG for play on Nintendo DS and DSi. Channeling the heart and soul of fan favorite 16-bit RPG classics, Radiant Historia combines a unique position-based three-party battle system, unique time travel abilities, intricate hand-drawn details and one of the best soundtracks in recent memory as it takes gamers on a steampunk adventure back and forth through time.
Radiant Historia game logo
An example of multi target capabilities in Radiant Historia 3x3 battle grid
Battle and traverse the crossroads of time in Radiant Historia.


The kingdoms of Alistel and Granorg are at war. As a result, terrible things have happened and will continue to happen - things that may even threaten the fabric of the overarching world of world of Vainguer. This war must be won, ended, or both and Stocke is the one chosen to make it so. Stocke is an agent in the Special Intelligence division in the kingdom of Alistel. Beyond his skill with a blade, he is entrusted with a miraculous tool, the White Chronicle. This amazing book allows him to see beyond the present into other times. Combined with the help of two unforeseen allies, the White Chronicles eventually allows Stocke to actually travel through time to change things that should never have been and channel history into the path that it was meant to unfold.


Radiant Historia is a single player, turn-based RPG with action that revolves around a 3-party battle system and time travel abilities. Battles occur whenever enemies are encountered and play out over a three square grid system. The closer an enemy is to a player controlled character(s) the more damage that is possible in an attack(s). Beyond simply overwhelming enemies one by one, players can also manipulate individual enemy positions so that multiple enemies occupy the same space and can thus be attacked at the same time by party members. Successful combo attacks of this nature can net your party bonus gold and experience points. With a sufficient power build up each party member can also unleash special Mana Burst attacks which offer unique benefits in battle. Objectives that can not be achieved through battle may be available through the game's time travel functionality and the accessibility of parallel universes. By going back and forth in time and visiting other universes players can change events and historical choices that may alter conditions in the present and or future. The result of this can be multiple possible parallel game endings and maximum replay value.

Key Game Features

  • Restore the True History - With the power of the White Chronicle, the crossroads of time is yours to traverse. Jump back and forth across various turning points in history in order to save your world from destruction.
  • Your Choices Matter - Difficult decisions face you at every turn. Who will you side with? Who will you choose to help? Your choices progress the story and bring you to drastically different ends. Return to previous choices to initiate changes whose effects ripple throughout the timelines.
  • Classic Turn-Based Combat - Take your party of three warriors into combat, battling enemies within range of your 3x3 grid.
  • Push Your Foes Around - Use the turn order and your special ability to manipulate the positions of enemies on the field to set up combination attacks and gain the upper hand.
  • Flexibility in Combat - Change allied character's positions on the board when it best suits the situation to level the most damage possible against enemies.

Additional Screenshots

Exploring the map of Vainguer in Radiant Historia
Explore the lands of Vainguer.
Stocke preparing to travel through time in Radiant Historia
Travel through time.
Screenshot illustrating the three character battle system from Radiant Historia
Position-based battle system.
A conversation with Vanoss of the Celestia realm in Radiant Historia
Talk to fellow travelers.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Radiant Historia - secret boss Vainqueur

the 1st form is easy, but be careful with the next

if you don't know how to face this boss: you have to start the quest "The Living Legend". in the node "waiting at skalla", go to the west of Itolia Wasteland and talk to the man in the well. He'll ask you to find 3 other people who are the disciples of a martial arts master, then he'll let you meet his master - Vainqueur. Vainqueur will become your master, he teachs you some skills (Stocke, Eruca and Aht) if you give him the "pacts". If you can give him all 12 pacts, he'll challenge you as you can see in my video.

Stocke lv70
Aht lv65
Eruca lv68
plz tell me if you know a better strategy for this battle

Radiant Historia: Time-Traveling Walkthrough

Watch this walkthrough to get a great lesson in time-traveling and history-changing in Radiant Historia.

In the midst of an unending war for dominance between two super-powers, Special Intelligence Agent Stocke is assigned to a routine escort mission that goes horribly awry. However, wielding a mysterious book called the White Chronicle, Stocke discovers a way to travel to the intersection of time itself: Historia. With this power in his hands, he must travel back and forth through key events and an entirely alternate timeline to right the world's ill-fated course. The lives of his companions, the fate of nations, and the resolution of an impending disaster that now threatens the land all depend on Stocke's ability to discern the one "true" history.

Radiant Historia - Secret boss Master x4

This is the final Radiant Historia movie I'm planning on making.

I might upload all bad endings some time in the future, but for now, I have no intention of doing so.

I hope you guys enjoyed watching those movies as much as I enjoyed making them!

If you're curious, I'm a StockexRaynie fan, I named him Stocke in the end and I'm writing a fanfic of this game called "The Promise Upheld". What it's about? Oh, I'll let you guys figure THAT one out on your own...~~~

Next up: I have no clue.

Anyway, on to the boss stuff.

There's four of him, there's three of us. That right there shows that this is gonna be an uneven battle; the bosses won't stand any chance, damn it!

The bosses LOVES abusing the ever loving hell out of Sleep and Power Down. For this reason, Polaris is excellent (which I only used like once or twice in the entire battle, but still...)

Eruca, unlike what you might think, is my key character due to Divine Light (nullifies 2 attacks on 1 member).

The more I hit away at them (I focus at one at a time, because I found that the easiest to do), the more I could relax.

At one point, I'm insanely lucky; Stocke is the ONLY ONE not affected by Sleep AND Aht and Eruca is low on HP!
Obviously that was good for me.

With that said, once two of them are done, just keep whacking away at the last two. If you can kill one, it becomes easy. If you kill two, it becomes cake. If you can kill three, it becomes a joke. If you can kill four, you've won the battle.

Note that near the end, I misclick so it takes a little longer but it's no big deal.

I show my finalized equipment AND I show that I have EVERY SINGLE THING DONE in the White Chronicle. With the exception of all skills, there's not a single side-quest I haven't done now; everything is done and history is finally repaired...

Kain's comment on the boss: Veni, Vidi, Vici ("I came, I saw, I conquered") - Julius Caesar.

Kain's other comment on the boss: When faced with an impossible challenge, humans tends to perform what's commonly known as a miracle. Now, it's my turn to perform a miracle... - Blade Aristoli (one of my original characters).

Radiant Historia - Final boss Apocrypha

For whose sake is the bell rung?

With the final boss here, let's start kicking ass, take names and drink tea. And we're all out of names and tea.

This dude got 3 forms.

The first form is easy. Just whack away at it but keep your HP up at all times. I'm not even kidding here.

The second form is a LITTLE more dangerous. I suggest you use your Turn Breaks to kill this one ASAP.

The third and final form was... Very interesting. And with 'interesting', I mean DANGEROUS.
Why I consider it dangerous? For the simple fact that it got 2 turns in a row. Dark Matter and Aftermath anyone?
Keep your HP up, remove your status alignments (the negative ones, of course) and dish out copious amounts of pain as much as you can. You'll win sooner or later.

Secret: I'm a sucker for using early-game skills/attacks through out the entire game. This battle being the perfect proof of it; just check my final attack...

And with that done, the final boss is now killed. I did all ten side-quests for the True Ending.

Kain's comment on the boss: I WILL surpass your power! - Edge from Atelier Iris III: Grand Phantasm VS Ash.

Kain's other comment on the boss: For the sake of our future. God. If You are here, lend us Your power! - Yuufa from Ragnarok the Animation VS Dark Lord.

With the final boss done in, I'll now proceed to grind and do the final side-quest in the game; defeat the secret boss. That's literally the one thing I haven't done to complete all side-quests (and thus the entire story).

Time to grind some more...

For those that's curious, here's my most-to-least screen time characters in this playthrough:


Yes, Rosch. Rosch had less screen time than God damn Eruca. And I barely USED Eruca. Rosch was only used ONCE in the entire playthrough, and that was due to grinding for a short while. Eruca was used in an attempt on the secret boss (I killed the first one, by the way).





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