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Quick Spot

Namco / 2007-03-13


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Game Details

QuickSpot is a fast and challenging game of concentration. Spot the differences between two seemingly identical pictures and circle the differences on the touch screen. The player will be awarded medals for points they achieve based on their "Brain Activity". Brain Activity is based on Intuition, Concentration, Recognition, Stability, and Judgment. The higher the player scores in each area the more points they earn. QuickSpot is the ultimate game to test your brain on the go!

Singleplayer Modes

• Rapid Play - In a series of pictures, quickly find the difference in 10 seconds or less to advance to the next stage.

• Focus Play – Take your time to carefully find multiple differences in a single picture..

• Brain Activity - Test your intuition, concentration, recognition and other activities to see how your brain measures up.

Multiplayer Modes

• Time Bomb – spot the difference and pass a single DS around like “hot potato” to your friends before the time bomb explodes!

• Scramble – with multiple DS systems using Wi-Fi and a single DS Card, annoy and disrupt your friend’s game by changing the color of their screen or even filling it with frogs!

Today’s Fortune

• Do you feel lucky? Circle the differences you see and you will be told what your Health, Money and even Romance fortune says for the day!

Popular NAMCO BANDAI characters!

• Watch The King Of All Cosmos from Katamari Damacy, Mr. Driller and other beloved NAMCO BANDAI characters show up on your screen!


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