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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

D3 Publisher of America / 2009-02-24

Puzzle / Role Playing Game

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Game Details

An addictive blend of color-based match-3 puzzle solving, role-playing, and strategy, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is a brand new adventure from the brains behind the popular Puzzle Quest franchise. In it players are tasked with the salvation of humankind in the face of an unthinkable alien-led genocide. To do so you must create a persistent pilot who is able to accumulate skills, crafts items, maneuver among the universe's political factions, and upgrade the ultimate space fleet via puzzle battles against AI or human opponents.

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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix



Wi-Fi options:

Wireless DS multi-card play available via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.
Fast paced match-3 puzzle action in action in 'Puzzle Quest: Galactrix'

Fast-paced match-3 puzzles.
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An engrossing storyline in 'Puzzle Quest: Galactrix'

An engrossing story.
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Battle in space and on planets in 'Puzzle Quest: Galactrix'

Battles covering many planets.
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RPG like skill and item object upgrades in 'Puzzle Quest: Galactrix'

RPG style skill & item upgrades.
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The game utilizes a new and innovative circular puzzle board featuring hexagonal gem pieces that allow for an increased range of strategic depth when it comes to how players approach Puzzle Quest's infamous match-3 battles. Here the DS' puzzle space now heeds story-based conditions such as varying degrees of gravity according to a player's location in the game universe. This combined with a rich and detailed storyline and other fresh gameplay elements make the world of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix a captivating new adventure to explore and conquer.

The Story
In Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, mankind has spread across the galaxy into hundreds of solar systems with the aid of an inter-dimensional travel technology known as a leapgate. In this distant future four powerful mega corporations have recently managed to establish control over all technology as well as all forms of government. True to the corruptible nature of absolute power, the result is infighting between the corporations that leads to a horrifying experiment gone wrong which provokes an alien race to attempt the extermination of humankind in response. Players assume the role of a rookie pilot tossed into this expansive and dangerous world as they seek to improve their skills, build up the power of their vessel, negotiate with alien races they come across as they traverse the vast reaches of space and in the end, defuse the pending threat to humanity.

Like Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords before it, gameplay in Puzzle Quest: Galactrix features a unique and addictive combination of story-driven mission play and match-3 puzzle solving. Players begin by creating a character, which can be either male or female, then proceed to make their way across the galaxy building up experience by taking on missions for the four mega corporations controlling Earth. These missions bring players either directly or indirectly into conflict with the different space-based factions and characters that populate the game. The result of these conflicts are head-to-head, match-3 puzzle battles between the player and opponents within the puzzle space on the lower screen of the DS. The goal in these battles are to match like-colored gems in groups of three or more, primarily using the DS stylus to make your moves, all the while with attention given to the fact that the different pieces on the board represent different elements needed to level up your character and space ship and do damage to your opponent's ship during your turn. A battle is won when one side's shields and health both reach zero, at which point the winning player can distribute points to themselves in various aspects of gunnery, engineering, science, and piloting. Leveling up is important because the amount of each element available to a player's ship during battles depends on your current level. Another consideration for players is that these battles are turn-based, meaning that although they are fast moving, they also entail a good deal of strategy as players try and beat opponents not only to key pieces that they need for victory in the battle, but also to level up their character. Within this turn-based format players can also choose to forego matching up standard gem pieces and attack opponent's health and shields directly with a weapon or by matching special 'mine pieces' that do similar damage to opponents during battle.

A final gameplay aspect players will encounter are portals called leapgates. Leapgates allow players to cross vast distances in space and become relevant as players finish off available missions in the area of space that they are in. The challenge of these are that they are locked and to open them players access the puzzle space where leapgates are 'hacked' by gathering a set amount of specific gem formations within a specified time period.

Brand New Puzzle Board
In Puzzle Quest: Galactrix the familiar head-to-head, turn based, match-3 puzzle system familiar to players from earlier games now includes hexagonal shaped board pieces and a round puzzle space, making for a new level of strategy. Through this system battles can occur in both space and on planets, each with different gravity mechanics. On planets, gems replenish from top down due to gravitational pull. However, space battles are conducted in zero gravity, with gems replenishing from all directions that the player can control. Board pieces consist of tokens that provide damage to enemies (black, numbers on them = points of damage); Power (red= weapons, green= CPU, yellow= engine, blue= shield); PSI tokens (purple); and Intel (white). This new gameplay element gives the game a whole new potential for strategy, as now you must predict what color gems will fall into the spaces vacated by the gems you've just matched up.

Key Game Features:

  • Over 150 battles within story mode.
  • The return of the incredibly addictive head-to-head match-3 puzzle gameboard battles that Puzzle Quest fans know and love.
  • More control of the puzzle board as you manipulate the puzzle gems in zero gravity, controling the direction the gems refresh.
  • Redesigned, hexagonal puzzle board that’s easier for new players, but adds extra layer of strategy for pros.
  • Collect a fleet of customizable spaceships which endow your player with new skills and abilities.
  • Negotiate with factions, mine for commodities, hack leapgates, recruit crew members, acquire companion aliens, craft weapons, and more.
  • Battle across the galaxy in multiplayer battles and compete for rankings in online leaderboards.
  • Short easy pick-up-and-play battles, with incredible depth and RPG-style character building.
  • Three distinct gameplay modes: single player story mode, multiplayer vs. battles, and instant action quick battles on the go.
  • Wireless DS multi-card play available via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.
Because Puzzle Quest: Galactrix takes place in a universe filled with other space-based races, an ongoing knowledge of the in-game factions you will have to deal with is all important. As players make their way through space during mission play and during mini-games they will find that every planetary system, station, ship, etc. that they encounter has an affiliation to one of these factions. Some of these are human-based, but most are alien in nature. Good, or at least careful relations relations with these is critical to ensuring safe passage, optimal tariffs and support during conflicts.

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