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Princess and the Frog

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Princess and the Frog

Disney Interactive / 2009-11-17

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Join Tiana on an exciting journey through jazz-infused 1920s New Orleans with the official video game for DS and DSi, inspired by the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures release of The Princess and the Frog. Meet favorite characters from the film as well as new friends, triumph over enemies, play frog games in the bayou, create music, cook New Orleans style and so much more. Along the way, discover how Tiana makes her dreams come true.

Key Game Features

The Princess and the Frog logo

  • Play as Tiana and Ray and master the art of platforming as you swing, jump and soar to new heights.
  • Explore 27 beautiful levels set in New Orleans and the Bayou.
  • Go on special quests to find and collect items and ingredients as you outsmart enemies along the way.
  • Cook New Orleans cuisine in multiple activities and discover real recipes that you can prepare at home with your family. These recipes. and more are available in "The Princess and the Frog: A Cookbook for Kids."
  • Perform music and save tunes in the game's jukebox.
  • Use Ray’s special abilities to fly through the Bayou.
  • Includes DGamer, Disney's online community exclusively for Disney gamers.
  • Enjoy multiplayer fun via the game's wireless DS multi-card play functionality and a Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.
  • Complete all levels and earn a golden frog at the end of each game.
  • Enjoy Wii cross-connectivity allowing you to unlock special items when you play with both games together.
  • In true Creole fashion the game includes language support in English, Spanish and French.
Cook New Orleans style with Tiana in The Princess and the Frog for DS/DSi

Cook New Orleans style.
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Musical gameplay via the game's jukebox in The Princess and the Frog for DS/DSi

Musical gameplay.
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Multiplayer support in The Princess and the Frog for DS/DSi
Multiplayer support.
Quest through 27 levels of fun in The Princess and the Frog for DS/DSi

27 levels to explore.
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