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Pokemon Dash!

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Pokemon Dash!

Nintendo / 2005-03-14

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Pikachu stars in an all-new Pokémon game for Nintendo DS!

Help Pikachu race to the finish line in Pokémon Dash, the first Pokémon title to be announced for Nintendo DS.

Using the touch screen, keep Pikachu running toward the finish line by rubbing the screen in the direction you want the Electric-type Pokémon to go. The faster you rub, the faster Pikachu runs. The gameplay takes place from an overhead perspective, with on-screen arrows to guide you to Poké Ball checkpoints along the way.


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2005-12-26 00:00:00

hey guys!!!!

no one send messages here?why????

see ya!!!!

mewtwo god

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Unlock Extra Tracks
For each Pokemon you upload from a GBA Pokemon game, you'll unlock a new track.

Unlock Hard GP Mode
Win GP mode

Unlock Expert GP Mode
Win Hard GP mode

Unlock Expert Rules Time Attack Mode
Win Hard GP mode

Unlock Special Cup
Win GP mode

Unlock Time Attack Mode
Win the first GP mode cup

Unlock Shiny Trophies
Win a cup without retrying any of the races.

Control Menu Screen (Tease Pikachu)
When Pikachu appears on the menu screen (running towards you), make single player and multiplayer pop up, then drag Pikachu to tease him. Don't hurt Pikachu!

Control Victory Screen
After winning a cup, use the touch screen to drag Pikachu, poor Pikachu!

Control Ending Sequence
Slide the touch screen to change the speed of the ending credits.





Pokemon Dash s0 Pokemon Dash s1 Pokemon Dash s2 Pokemon Dash s3 Pokemon Dash s4 Pokemon Dash s5 Pokemon Dash s6

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