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Planet Puzzle League

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Planet Puzzle League

Nintendo / 2007-06-04


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Game Details

Use the DS stylus to grab panels and slide them left and right. If you match three or more panels of the same color, they will vanish. Form chains and combos to create cascading waterfalls of panels to rack up high scores!

The basic game play is similar to the classics Tetris Attack and Pokémon Puzzle League, but the touch screen gameplay adds a new dimension of fun, giving Planet Puzzle League a bright new feel!

* Six single-player modes: Puzzle, Endless, Time Attack, Garbage, Clear, and Vs. Computer.

* Don’t have much time? Play three two-minute games in unique Daily mode. Track your progress over weeks and months!

* Dozens of tutorials and demos teach you the ins-and-outs of this incredibly deep game!

* Three difficulty levels:. Easy for beginners, normal for veterans, brutal for experts!

* Two can compete head-to-head over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. With the Nintendo DS Headset accessory (sold separately) you can even chat with your friend as you polish your puzzle skills!

* Up to four players can compete in three local wireless modes. You can also send a single-player demo to a friend via local wireless!

* Orient the game the way you like: vertically or horizontally! You can even configure for left- or right-handed play!

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2007-09-02 00:00:00

Bonus Level

Get 10,000 points in Marathon (Endless) mode, Time Attack mode, and Garbage mode, and successfully complete Stage Clear (Line Clear) and VS COM mode on the Hard difficulty setting to unlock level 11.

Reply #1

2007-08-16 00:00:00

how to build a chain

there are many ways to get a chain but basically, the main way to do a chain is when you delete a number of blocks the blocks on top fall. be for they fall all the way switch them around so when it falls it will delete some more blocks by getting 3 or more in a row.


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