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Petz Bunnyz Bunch

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Petz Bunnyz Bunch

Ubisoft / 2011-03-08


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Game Details

Petz Bunnyz Bunch is a single player animal simulation game for Nintendo DS/DSi that tasks players to raise and care for an extremely cute batch of bunnyz, but these bunnyz are more than cute - they are special. The game features eight different species of bunnyz, all of which can be trained to do a variety of things ranging from coming when called, to even expressing a surprising musical side. Keep your new little friends happy, clean and cared for as you bond with them and you will be rewarded in game and even be given the opportunity travel the virtual world with them in tow to meet other Petz.
Petz Bunnyz Bunch game logo
Watching your Bunny chow down on carrots in Petz Bunnyz Bunch
Raise, care for and teach the bestest of bunnyz.


In Ubisoft's Petz Bunnyz Bunch, players care for the cutest and most remarkable bunch of bunnyz imaginable. Raise them in your house and show them their new home. Teach them how to follow you when called upon, hop up on furniture, and even play music. On top of being absolutely adorable, these bunnies have personality. They know exactly what they want and know how to show you, so if you take good care of them they'll surprise you with games of hide-and-seek or other treats.

After they have been raised in Petz Bunnyz Bunch, players can bring their pets on a worldwide adventure. Petz Bunnyz Bunch will interconnect with Petz Online (TBC), allowing players to send their favorite fluffy buddies to new exotic locations to go on thrilling adventures and meet new friends. Petz Bunnyz Bunch will even offer players the opportunity to unlock exclusive Petz in the Petz online world.

Key Game Features

  • Adopt Your Own Family of Bunnyz - Choose between 8 different breeds, each with unique personalities and preferences. See their excitement when you give them their favorite foods, or watch their silly reactions when they dislike like a toy. Bunnyz might change their favorite toys, so pay attention to their personalities and make sure they are happy.
  • New Fun Activities - Give your bunnyz exercise by teaching them to follow you around the room, or toss toys between each other. Help your bunny become smarter by playing a game of hot and cold and searching for items. Bunnyz can even show their musical side. Teach your bunny to follow your sound and he will be jamming in no time.
  • More Ways to Bond - The living room is your bunnyz new home. Show them their new toys, teach them how to get around, and even ask them to hop up to join you on the sofa.
  • Bunnyz Go on an Adventure - Send your bunnyz to Petz World virtual world, and be one of the few with a bunny to play with. On Petz World, your petz will be able to travel the world, set out on extraordinary adventures and meet tons of other petz. Meet the wild animals of Kenya, help lost poodles in Paris and even enjoy the sunny beaches of Hawaii.

Additional Screenshots

A bunny outside performing a preset goal in Petz Bunnyz Bunch
Goals and games.
Giving your bunny a good cleaning in Petz Bunnyz Bunch
Care for Bunnyz every need
Teaching your bunny to play the piano in Petz Bunnyz Bunch
Amazing tricks and talents.
Monitoring a bunnyz happiness in various areas in Petz Bunnyz Bunch
Monitor Bunnyz happiness.

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