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Namco / 2005-04-26


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One day a mischievous wizard came up with a mysterious invention called "Ghost Ink." When something is drawn using this ink, it turns into a Ghost. These ghostly tricksters would then jump into pictures and books, to pull pranks and cause havoc around the world.

Our hero, Pac-Man, has taken his mighty Magic Pen Ė the only weapon that can defeat these Ghosts, and locked all the Ghosts inside a book. But before he could turn the Ghosts back into the Ghost Ink, he was also captured within the book! You must now take over Pac-Manís quest to defeat the mischievous Ghosts. Use the stylus to draw Pac-Man, control his movements to eat up all the Ghosts on the screen. Travel from the lower to the upper screen to collect items and accumulate points. Can you bring peace and quiet back to the world with the Magic Pen?


* Use the stylus to draw Pac-Man, and watch as he comes to life on-screen for a totally new gameplay experience
* How big is your Pac-Man? When you encounter the big Ghost Boss, draw a bigger Pac-Man so you can eat him!
* Control Pac-Man's movements via the stylus. Draw a wall and Pac-Man will change direction; when you place the stylus on a moving Pac-Man, he stops. Maximize Pac-Manís movements and eat all the Ghosts.
* Howís your aim? Once you clear the fourth stage, you will be able to draw arrows on the bottom screen that will shoot up to the upper screen, making Ghosts fall for you to eat.
* Scoot over to the Item Road on the upper screen and collect items that appear.

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2008-07-13 00:00:00

go to gallery and draw a pair of cherries

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2007-11-19 00:00:00

Put a sideways eight and it will become a butterfly


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