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My Sims

Electronic Arts / 2007-09-18


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Game Details

Discover A New Town And Make It Your Own!

Explore a new world with MySims™—it's your world to transform! Move to a town that has been struggling lately. With a little creativity and some help from the locals, you can make this place thrive. Improve the town to attract new characters, from Chef Gino Delicioso and DJ Candy Supergroove to arcade owner, Vic Vector and Cap'n Ginny, the town pirate. Discover what the residents want and need, so that you can help them enjoy life in your Sim's new town. Design a hot tub or jukebox from scratch, build homes and businesses from the roof to the front door. Uncover special decorations and patterns as you explore the growing town. From the furniture and objects to the buildings to the town as a whole – each of your creations is unique. In MySims, what you make... makes all the difference!


Build and customize an entire town—

Your town is your own unique creation, from the design of the flower shop to the layout of a Mad Scientist’s laboratory, and beyond.
Shape the community—

It's your call who lives there and who moves out! Who will you befriend? Who will you ignore?
A whole world to explore—

Socialize with the locals and uncover all sorts of useful and surprising treasures hidden throughout the town.
Create your own Sim—

Personalize your Sims appearance from head to toe with the Wii controls. Unlock cool new clothing as you befriend the neighbors.

Design your own stuff

Decorate with your very own furniture and accessories, then customize your creations with things you can grow, harvest, or discover around town.

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Reply #412

2011-03-14 00:00:00

uh... i tried the boat thing and its just wasting my money

Reply #411

2010-07-27 00:00:00

To reach all the star levels, just talk to a bunch of people. Talk to Charlie every day, he'll tell you some good gossip like Sophie was very happy or Ashley was looking for you. For things such as making Nicki talk to you or Sophie, which are my 2 hardest, spend a MySims week talking to the people around that area. Like, make everyone in the Port Area happy every MySims day for a week and then talk to Nicki & she'll say "guess what! I found a boat! Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you I want to go scuba diving with it!" oh, also, once you do scuba diving a lot, one day she'll say "guess what! I saw a whale! This is your one only chance to go whale-watching! Are you going to do it or not?!?!" then you take a bunch of pictures of this giant whale, and when you're done you get essense of sea. It's a custom furniture design you can use when making furniture at Sophie's shop. Also- if you filled up your furniture space, sell it to Olivia and make new ones. I just figured that out.

My problem is I beat all or Elizabeth's fashion reviews EXCEPT the Highlands. I tried the white polo and the purple skirt, but she still said I needed something more elegant. Then when I put on the purple frill dress, she said "You look fabulous. Very well done" but instead of saying I looked amazing compared to something pretty she said "if I could compare you to a bird, you'd be a sickly pigeon" What gives? What do I wear if not the white polo and purple skirt? It's the last one I need for a star.

Reply #410

2010-05-16 00:00:00

Okay, here's a guide to unlock all the characters.
When you first start the game, you will get off the boat and see a boy dressed in an animal costume. He will run away and you will follow him. You'll talk with the mayor and then you'll be sent to talk to the boy, he will introduce himself as Tim.
After chasing Tim, you will walk into the town hall and talk to the mayor, she will ask your name and tell you she is called Helen.
Helen will tell you to talk to the residents. Ewan lives in the house to the right of the racquetball course. He will need cheering up and then he will tell you that he is Ewan, the police officer.
After being told to meet the residents, you will enter the clothes store. A man will be stood there when you go in. Talk to him and he will say something along the lines of "A customer! Oh, my mistake, you're ----. I'm Tyler, I'm the tailor."
While you're talking to Helen, a girl will run into the town hall and say she's going to run the flower shop. Helen will tell you to talk to her. She will say her name is Ashley.
Around the end of star level 1, enter the general goods store. In the corner there should be armour. Walk up to it and either press A or tap it with the stylus. A girl will appear and tell you she is Olivia.
Walk into the port area and enter the hut. Cheer up the man inside and he will tell you he is Joseph, a fisherman.
When Helen says, "There's even a rumour that someone's living in the forest" go to the forest and go into the building at the bottom half of the area. Inside you need to wake up the sleeping girl. This is Sophie.
On star level 2, go to the building in the town that was unoccupied before. This is the cake store. Talk to the man behind the counter. You've now met Chef Charlie.
On star level 2, Helen will say something about not having enough funding for a ranger. Go to the Highlands and go to the building at the very top. Talk to the girl inside. She's Marie.
When Helen tells you that she got someone as a forest ranger, go to the forest and go to the hut at the very top. Talk to the boy who will be called Foster.
When the Entertainment Area becomes available, go to the port area and talk to the person by the piers, this is Nicki.
When you are aloud to go to the entertainment area you will see a girl with a pink outfit and bow in her hair. Talk to her. She is Elizabeth.
Go to the casino and talk to the Dodge the Thief guy.
Go to the casino and talk to the Tic Tac Trump person.
At star level 4 or 5 the gate to the mountain will open. Go into the mountains and talk to the girl in the hut. She's Tracy.
At star level 5, go to the air field and talk to the man there. He is a pilot called Martin.

Reply #409

2010-04-14 00:00:00

I hope I can help on most of your Questions on My Sims so if ya ave any questions just send me a message. I hardly think there are any cheats for MySims. Maybe a few not a lot though...but I can help you go through Star Levels and answer most questions. Need Help? Just Ask ;)

Reply #408

2010-01-30 00:00:00

i have 5 stars and full star but not meet the last person

Reply #407

2009-12-11 00:00:00

can someone give me simple way to win elizibeths fashions review i just need the names o the clothes i need to wear

Reply #406

2009-11-10 00:00:00

0k so go to the cosion and make sure u barely have coins then Loose and u think u would be in the negatives but youll have 99999999 or something like that but its unlimited. !HOPE IT HELPS!

(@_@) (*_*) ($_$) (O_O) (D_D) (?_?) :O :3 :P

caveman xyzpdq jerkoff
Reply #405

2009-08-30 00:00:00

at night u c a little twinkle on the ground, if u touch it u either get money furniture or others. also if u go fishing show the fish to joseph and sumtimes something pops out of it like funiture

Reply #404

2009-07-25 00:00:00

how to have a girl friend
at the pause screen press X, Y, DOWN, DOWN, Y, A, A,

Reply #403

2009-07-12 00:00:00

i can't get past star 1. please help.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Unlockables: Detective Outfit

To unlock the Detective Outfit, enter this code at the pause screen: Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

Cheat Codes: Lots of Money

At the casino, get 20 coins from the dispenser. Head to the slots and bet 9 coins. Lose, then go over to "Tic Tac Trum." Bet 5. Choose 2 lined up cards. Double the bet and lose. After that round, press continue and bet 3. You will end up with -2. Choose two lined up cards again. And again, choose all of the cards and you will most likely get a bingo. When you do, You will get something around 20, but the coins in your collection turn to all 9s.

Hints & Tips: Fashion Review Outfits

After you attain a four star rating, Elizabeth will hold fashion reviews at various places. You can find out where a given fashion review is to be held by consulting the bulletin board outside of the casino. Head to the location of the fashion review on the appropriate day (in the afternoon) and wear the following to impress her. Keep in mind that if she says you need to be more curious, you should wear some orange. If she requires more elegance, try to wear more black or purple.

  • Entertainment Area - Pink Gradient Polo, Pink Shorts
  • Forest - Green Camisole, Yellow Pleated Skirt
  • Highlands - White Polo Shirt, Purple Skirt
  • Mountains - Yellow Camisole, Purple Skirt
  • Port Area - Blue Hawaiian Shirt, Light Blue Pants
  • Town - Red Hawaiian Shirt, Blue Roll-Ups

Unlockables: Outfits

Insert the codes listed to unlock the corresponding item...

  • F3nevr0 - Bunk Bed
  • N10ng5g - Camouflage Pants
  • Tglg0ca - Funky Hipster Suit
  • Gvsb3k1 - Genie
  • Ghtymba - Hourglass Couch
  • I3hkdvs - Kimono Dress
  • T7srhca - Modern Couch
  • Ahvmrva - Racecar Bed
  • Itha7da - Rickshaw Bed
  • R705aan - White Jacket





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