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My Frogger: Toy Trials

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My Frogger: Toy Trials

Konami / 2006-11-14


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Game Details

Team up with Frogger in an all new adventure. Frogger is back but he is not alone. Take on the role of Frogger and the Hero. Control the Hero in the Adventure Map and use Frogger to solve puzzles with the touch pad and microphone. The Hero can also provide Frogger with helpful items such as health and power-ups.

Tobi Inc. has created the "Toy Pet", where kids can create a toy pet with a will of its own. All the kids have to do is draw their ideal pet and within a few weeks their toy pet is delivered. Tobi Inc. is holding a competition for the best designed pet, which the Hero and Frogger decide to join. The winner of the competition will be granted one wish that can make all their dreams come true!

* Plays as Frogger and the Hero
* Innovative mini-games using the touch pad and microphone
* 4 player wireless play using DS Download Play
* Select from over 20 costumes to give Frogger different power-ups
o Hop higher
o Dodge faster

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