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My Farm Around The World

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My Farm Around The World

THQ / 2009-05-11


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Game Details

Rise and shine to a new fun day on farms all over the world with the ultimate animal farm simulation game for DS, My Farm Around the World. Raise over 20 different animals including hippos, monkeys, cows, kangaroos and crocodiles on your very own farm. Start in the United states and take a unique trip around the world visiting Asia, Australia and Africa caring for native animals from each country as you build a farm business like no other.

'My Farm Around the World' game logo Key Game Features:
  • Raise 20 + Animals - All Shapes and sizes--parrots, pigs, kangaroos, crocodiles, monkeys, elephants, tigers, peacocks and more.
  • There's Always Something to Do - Buy or sell animals at the Farmer's Market to expand and grow your farm.
  • Share the Fun - Share your customized animals with your friends wirelessly. Raise kangaroos on an Africa farm or tigers on an American farm.
  • Unlockables - As your farm grows unlock a wind turbine to generate power, a guard dog to protect the animals or a tractor to help out around the farm.
My Farm Around the World



WiFi options:

Trade custom content via Nintendo WiFi connection.

Farms from all around the world in 'My Farm Around the World'

Several farms to choose.
View larger.
Buying and selling animals and goods in 'My Farm Around the World'

Buy and sell goods.
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Tracking stock as animals sleep in 'My Farm Around the World'

Track stock.
Ming Yue the Elephant in 'My Farm Around the World'

Colorful environments.
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