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Lunar Dragon Song

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Lunar Dragon Song

Ubisoft / 2005-09-27

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Long, long ago, the world of Lunar was dead. But the Goddess Althena, together with the Dragonmaster and Four Dragons, came and gave life to the land, magically transforming this dead place into a verdant world overflowing with life. She blessed the world of Lunar, and the Dragonmaster swore to her his undying loyalty. He and the 4 Dragons were entrusted with the Goddess's protection, and through her power, a magical world was born. Lunar: Dragon Song is a tale of origins, set 1,000 years prior to the events of the original Lunar: The Silver Star and the adventures of Dragonmaster Alex. The main menu will show pictures of 3 party members, their vitals and current amount of silvers. Also shows the current location and any current actions going on. The Stats menu shows character current statistical information. The items menu allows viewing, using and equipping items. The system menu saves your game. There is also an option called Music Hall which has music found in the game. The Assigned Jobs menu shows the job currently assigned by Gad's Express. Gad's Express Jian and Lucia have worked together for about a year now for Gad's Express. Each town in Lunar - Dragon Song has a Gad's Express in it to take on various jobs for cash. Measured by a 4 star system, jobs are shownby the name of the job, the amount of silver upon completion, difficulty, description, and the location for package delivery.

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Reply #4

2008-09-13 00:00:00

how do i get in the helriz tournament?

Reply #3

2006-06-20 00:00:00

To get out of auto mode in battle press B this might helt if u wanna use a potion or special

Reply #2

2006-04-15 00:00:00

Once you are up to Noapeace, a good way to make money is to do the mission 'Noapeace Delicacy'. This gives abut 3000-3500 money, and all of the items can be bought from the central open space in Port Obleage!

Reply #1

2006-01-10 00:00:00

To make battles go faster hold down R or L, but to make it go really fast hold down both R and L (Jain's attack looks better like this on the really fast one).

Lunar Dragonmaster

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