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Lost Magic

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Lost Magic

Ubisoft / 2006-04-25

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Lost Magic is an action RPG set in a mysterious realm where monsters wield unimaginable power and the fate of the universe is held together by seven magical wands. As a wizard in this realm, the player will use the stylus to unleash magic spells and command numerous monster squads in magical battles.

Lost Magic’s world is brought to life by renowned art director Yoshiharu Sato who worked in the world famous Ghibli Studio.

Cast Spells With the Stylus! – Your stylus becomes your magic wand! Use different gestures to unleash your magic.

Evolving Magic System – Players can combine up to three single spells to create more than 350 magic combinations using a symbol system Exclusive to the DS.

Collect and Command Monsters – Collect monsters and command the monsters. Learn to use each monsters special skill to gain the advantage in battle.

Use the Stylus to Open Up a New Frontier in RPGs – Experience strategy like never before! Lost Magic’s innovative RTS-type RPG makes full use of the unique capabilities of DS. Control your units directly on screen using a point and click interface that PC strategy gamers have enjoyed for years.

Challenge Others via Wi-Fi – Create new characters and challenge friends over a Wi-Fi connection. With ‘dueling mode’ players can test their magic casting skills and strategies against each other.

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Reply #2

2006-09-03 00:00:00

~Stat Buff Glitch~
This glitch will make you almost invincible.
Start out by using a stat increase spell.
Then use Light1+Dark3 on the monsters who you buffed up there icon will dissapear and they will keep the buffed up stat. This also works for
de-buffing. Can easily be stopped by adding or subtracing any stat from whoever is buffed up.

Reply #1

2006-06-02 00:00:00

Unlockable: Bad Path
You must make sure you keep your wand when asked by the Diva of Twilight.


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