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Legendary Starfy, The

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Legendary Starfy, The

Nintendo / 2009-06-08

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

A mysterious, bunny-eared visitor has lost his memory, and now Starfy and his gruff-talking clam sidekick must set out on an adventure to help him. Get ready to swim, run, glide and spin through lush undersea and aboveground stages as this pointy-handed prince of a kingdom in the clouds shows he's not afraid to conquer obstacles or pummel bad guys. Will you have the skills to help Starfy overcome the dangers that lie in his path.

Legendary Starfy
Compete with friends!

Compete with friends!
Land and Underwater Challenges

Land and Underwater Challenges
Learn New Abilities

Learn New Abilities
A series of exciting worlds await in The Legendary Starfy. This colorful and imaginative game brings the hit Japanese series to North America for the first time, complete with fun 2D sidescrolling action and comic-style animated movies that bring the game's story to life. Explore realms in which you'll encounter comical enemies, tricky corridors, deep chasms and imposing bosses, and rely on your skills and smarts to defeat villains and solve puzzles and mazes. Select new stages to play as you go, and learn new abilities that will leave you even better prepared for the challenges ahead.

Key Game Features:
  • Run, float and fight your way through undersea and aboveground realms filled with challenges and surprises

  • Return to the map after you've completed a stage to select a new stage to conquer

  • Team up with Starfy's gruff-talking sidekick to shapeshift into any of four powerful forms

  • Learn new abilities as you go, such as the Shooting Star attack and Air Jump

  • Chase adventure and defeat villains in exciting 2D side-scrolling action

  • View comic-style animated movies that immerse you in the game's story

  • Compete with up to three friends in exciting mini games over local wireless, or team up with a friend to play through levels together as Starfy and his sister, Starly

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