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Imagine: Ice Champions

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Imagine: Ice Champions

Ubisoft / 2009-03-03


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It is believed that early humans living in cold climates used animal bones as a means of traversing snow and ice surfaces. By the 18th century, the first figure skating club was formed in Scotland. From then on, people have challenged the lengths and abilities to dance on ice.

Ever dreamed of gliding across the ice as a professional figure skater? Now you can, with Imagine Ice Champions! Perform jumps, spins and skating combos on your Nintendo DS as you progress through competitions all over the world. Skate all the way to the grand championship finals and become a worldwide figure skating sensation!

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Imagine Ice Champions s0 Imagine Ice Champions s1 Imagine Ice Champions s2 Imagine Ice Champions s3 Imagine Ice Champions s4 Imagine Ice Champions s5 Imagine Ice Champions s6 Imagine Ice Champions s7 Imagine Ice Champions s8

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