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Imagine: Babysitters

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Imagine: Babysitters

Ubisoft / 2008-10-07


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Game Details

Perfect for young gamers ready to explore an age-appropriate virtual world, Imagine Babysitters places players in the roll of a young female babysitter who moves to a small town and experiences the joys and challenges of caring for several babies. Cute but needy, each of the babies have their own personality and quirks. It is the players task to keep them happy and healthy by providing a routine played out in mini-game format consisting of among other things: feeding, napping, playing, changing diapers and singing.

'Imagine Babysitters' game logo
All action takes place on the DS' touch screen, where the players will except jobs and converse with parents, and provide care and nurturing for their new charges utilizing the DS stylus. Success with initial babysitting jobs increases the number of parents that approach players and ask for your help as the game progresses. Success is also rewarded with payment. Away from their babysitting duties players can use the money they earn to make a variety of in-game purchases including: new clothes, a haircut and new baby toys. In addition, although primarily designed as a singleplayer game, Imagine Babysitters also has a basic multiplayer mode. In it two players, each with their own DS game cartridge, come together for a play date in the nursery, giving your child an even greater opportunity to imagine what a real babysitting experience is like.

Key Game Features:

  • Care for up to eight adorable babies from different families. Follow the babies' growth and development as they learn new skills.
  • Develop a loving relationship with the babies - feed them, nurse them, rock them to sleep.
  • Help the babies learn and grow through 15 interactive mini-games, including memory games, puzzle games, coloring activities and more.
  • Organize play dates with other babies in multiplayer mode.
  • Give the babies their own looks with a variety of cute outfits.

A lovable baby in 'Imagine Babysitters'

Lovable little ones.
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Customizable baby attire in 'Imagine Babysitters'

Customizable outfits.
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Flashcard mini-game in 'Imagine Babysitters'

Help your babies learn.
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Hosting multiplayer play dates in 'Imagine Babysitters'

Mulitiplayer play dates.
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