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Deep Silver / 2009-04-15


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A quirky, detailed puzzle game, Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity for Nintendo DS packs all the fun of real, scientific experimentation without requiring you to sit through any boring intro-class lectures. You'll arrange objects, take advantage of common gravitational effects, and learn from the unexpected as you tackle a new endeavor on each level.

100 levels with hand-painted backdrops present a variety of challenges.

Professor Heinz Wolff is a charismatic scientist and a popular star from the BBC's Great Egg Race.

100 Thought-Provoking Levels of Real Physics
Featuring the renowned German-British scientist often associated with the BBC's Great Egg Race, Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity offers 100 increasingly difficult levels capable of providing challenges for puzzlers of all ages. Your big objective? Put chain reactions and simple structures to work for you as you try to press the button on each level. You'll find yourself rolling balls, stacking bricks, and trying to transport glassy eyeballs across the screen on funky wheeled carts. Of course, the biggest factor is gauging the effects of the real, accurate physics behind every movement.
Designed to Keep Puzzlers of All Abilities Busy
The fact that players can test and retest different configurations makes this game a great introduction to problem-solving for young scientists. But seasoned experimenters are likely to enjoy it too, since they'll quickly get caught up in trying to solve each problem in record time or with the quirkiest series of events.
Whatever level player you are, if you get stuck, the game offers you access to a bank of points that can be used to "buy" in-game hints from the professor and jump-start your thought process. And, just like real-world problems, the challenges in this game can often be overcome in a variety of ways, allowing for creative solutions to all kinds of conundrums.
Unique Backdrops, Experimental Sandboxes, and Head-to-Head Intellectual Combat
This game also offers five unique sandboxes that allow for experimental play and let you hone your deductive skills while creating crazy reactions. And it includes three mini-games that provide an arena for staging matches against friends, parents, siblings, and classroom rivals for bragging rights and real-time tests of your reasoning ability. Additionally, hand-painted background art in bright colors adds a fun, slightly whimsical feel to each screen, while atmospheric music helps ensure that you stay immersed in the professor's physics-rich puzzle-solving world.


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