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Generator Rex

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Generator Rex

Activision / 2011-10-25

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Being a teenager is never easy — especially when you're a teenager with super powers and the fate of the world resting in your hands. Instead of ordinary responsibilities like homework and chores, you've got missions from Agent Six to accept and complete, collectibles to uncover for Doctor Holiday, and of course, the nefarious Bobo Haha to take down. No one ever said growing up was easy.
Generator Rex
Play as the super powered Rex
Play as the super powered Rex
Use Rex's nine builds
Use Rex's nine builds
Battle EVOs
Battle EVOs


Mutate into Rex's nine different builds, including the Slam Cannon, Rex Ride and Boogie Pack, to complete missions and fight enemies in Generator Rex: Agent of Providence. Venture through 10 diverse environments, including jungles, deserts, metropolitan cities and hidden areas, as you evolve your powers and conquer enemies. The world is depending on you. Are you up for the challenge?

Key Features:

  • Step into the role of Rex, a super-powered teenager who must save the world from impending doom
  • Use Rex's nine different builds, including the Slam Cannon, Rex Ride and Boogie Pack, to take on enemies and accomplish missions from Agent Six
  • Battle EVOs and take on the despicable Van Kleiss
  • Take down Bobo Haha and uncover collectibles for Doctor Holiday
  • Fight your way through 10 environments, from the depths of the jungle and scorching deserts to bustling metropolitan cities
  • Explore hidden areas and learn from your surroundings to evolve your powers

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