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Eidos / 2009-04-09



Game Details

Gauntlet for Nintendo DS is a revitalized tribute to an all-time classic.

"Gauntlet for the Nintendo DS is a feature rich game that stays true to the retro gameplay of the original arcade coin-op while boasting an updated look, additional attacks and powers, and a new Experience-based combat system. Players will encounter punishing onslaughts of 32 different enemy types, including a cadre of completely original monsters as well as fan favorites such as Skeletons, Thief and even Death. Scattered throughout the maps players acquire amazing pickups to assist on their journey – from Bait that attracts nearby monsters to the Glacier Freeze potion that temporarily freezes the hordes of enemies around them. With local and Wi-Fi support for four-player cooperative play, as well as three ranked competitive multiplayer modes, Gauntlet on the Nintendo DS is a revitalized tribute to an all time classic game.

* The Classic Heroes Return – The Warrior, Valkyrie, Elf and Wizard return, complete with 8 different colors, each with individual strengths and weaknesses, and an exclusive set of 4 Power Moves that are earned throughout Story Mode.

* Massive Cooperative Story Mode Campaign – Travel as a lone Hero, or with up to 3 companions via local or Wi-Fi play, through 40 maps across 3 realms. Begin in Ascendia high in the clouds and finish your epic journey in the bowels of the lava-ridden Abyss.

* Experience Based Combat System - Seek out gold to increase your hero’s fame level, strengthen their projectile attacks, and unlock 4 power moves for each character. Join a friend’s game and gain experience, and then take the same enhanced character into your own single player game.

* Ranked Competitive Multiplayer – Compete locally or through Wi-Fi in Death Match, Team Death Match and Treasure Hoard game modes, a first ever for the Gauntlet universe! View your rankings in Death Match and Treasure Hoard through your Nintendo DS.

* Captivating Audio and Graphics – Full 3D on both screens creates beautiful, immersive maps which are complimented by original scores of dramatic orchestral music.

* Microphone over Wi-Fi – Communicate with other players with VoIP using the Nintendo DS microphone!


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