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Gardening Mama

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Gardening Mama

Majesco Games / 2009-03-31


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Game Details

Go green in the very first gardening specific game for the Nintendo DS. In Gardening Mama, Cooking Mama, from the award-winning, multi-million selling Cooking Mama franchise, has stepped out of her kitchen and into nature for some gardening fun. Join Mama, either in single player, or with up to three friends in wireless DS single-card play as she grows, harvests and enjoys the literal fruits of her labors.

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Wi-Fi options:

Wireless DS single-card play available via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

Key Features
  • Everyone's favorite Mama from the best-selling Cooking Mama series stars in the brand's first offshoot.
  • Use the stylus as your master garden tool to take care of flowers, fruit trees and vegetables in Mama's garden.
  • Growing live products means that you may experience unexpected results based on your care—flowers can bloom different colors, fruit trees can grow different fruits, etc.
  • Multiple game modes:
    • Let's Grow It - Grow many kinds of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Manage your garden as it seeds, blooms fruit, bears fruit and matures. Fertilizer and soil conditions will affect your results.
    • Let's Enjoy It - Produce items from the flowers, fruits and vegetables you have raised (i.e. grow strawberries and make strawberry jam; grow flowers and press them into an album; grow pumpkins to make jack o lanterns, etc.).
    • Let's Do Gardening - Follow Mama's expert guidance as you decorate various chapel, house and store gardens while making gardening goods like pergolas and hanging baskets, and planting flower beds and trees.
    • Let's Harvest Multiplayer - Compete against up to four friends online to harvest fruits and vegetables. The winner harvests the most.
    • Treasure Box - Keep the products you've made from your gardening and trade those creations with friends online.
    • Dress Up - Change Mama's costume and customize your game layout and design. The better your score in the other modes, the nicer items you can earn to customize.
  • 2-4 multiplayer wireless support via Nintendo DS single-card play.
Mama in the garden in 'Gardening Mama'

Develop a green thumb.
Mini-game in 'Gardening Mama'

Play fun mini-games.
Multiplayer mode in 'Gardening Mama'

Multiplayer modes.
Using stylus to pick off slugs in 'Gardening Mama'

Put the stylus to work.

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  • Play Garden Mama Online


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