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Fossil League: Dino Tournament Championship

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Fossil League: Dino Tournament Championship

D3 Publisher of America / 2007-01-22

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Taiga, the boy action-star of Fossil League DTC has had his most personal treasure stolen from him! Named “Big Mother,” this fossil was given to him by his father shortly before his death a few years ago. Fossil League DTC is Taiga’s epic journey into Jurassic times to recover his fossil from the “X” marauders who took it from him.

* Classic turn based RPG play with two player wireless multiplayer battles.

* Ride a time machine back into 6 different eras to find the pieces of the fossil and collect as many dinosaurs in each time period.

* Fossil League offers fun and an educational experience with over 105 dinosaurs to collect and an integrated “Dinopedia” with 3D images and facts on each dinosaur!

* Recover the stolen fossils by unearthing them using the DS touch screen.

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