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Flower, Sun and Rain

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Flower, Sun and Rain

XSEED Games / 2009-06-16

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

From the twisted mind behind Killer 7 and No More Heroes comes a single adventure title like no other. Originally released on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and quickly gaining notoriety for its eccentricity, Flower, Sun, and Rain has never been available outside of Japan until now. This updated Nintendo DS release features all the creative quirks that made the original a cult hit while adding Touch Screen functionality and 50 new puzzles in what's sure to please loyal fans of its creator, "Suda51."

'Flower, Sun, and Rain' game logo
Exploring resort environments in 'Flower, Sun, and Rain'

Explore resort environments.
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Cracking secret codes with Catherine the computer in 'Flower, Sun, and Rain'

Crack secret codes with 'Catherine.'
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Notes taken on island residents in 'Flower, Sun, and Rain'

Keep notes on island residents.
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On the tropical island of Lospass sits a seaside resort unlike any other called the Flower, Sun, and Rain. But all is not well in paradise as Sumio Mondo, a researcher, has been urgently summoned to the island by the owner of the hotel. Upon arrival, Sumio becomes caught in a time loop as the events of the same day are played out over and over again, with each day coming to an explosive end at the hands of terrorists that have targeted the island for an unknown reason.

With the aid of Catherine, Sumio’s trusty computer that allows him to "jack" into the minds of his subjects as one of its many useful features, his job is to stop the explosive device that threatens to destroy the entire island. With the resort of Flower, Sun, and Rain as his base of operations, Sumio travels the island questioning the residents and following up on clues in order to get to the bottom of the mystery. Can Sumio solve the mystery in time to defuse the bomb? More importantly, can he figure out what’s happening to him and his surroundings before he eventually goes insane?

A mystery/adventure, Flower, Sun and Rain places players in control Sumio Mondo. Sumio finds things for a living, but in this case what he finds is himself caught in a temporal loop. Gameplay within this scenario consists of players attempting to put clues together to solve the mystery of how to stop the bombing as well as the nature of the temporal loop itself which results in the devastating explosion of a bomb over and over again as each day comes to an end. The catch within this is that the history revolving around gameplay has yet to be written, meaning that it is changeable with each new day. To this end, the game contains 18 different scenarios that play out according to the events that players put into motion as they go through their day, finding lost items for island residents, taking notes on each encounter they have and using Sumio's portable computer "Catherine" to probe the minds of non-playing game characters and solving additional puzzles.

Key Features

  • Classic, Unpredictable and Off-the-wall - The Flower, Sun and Rain story and universe created by the infamous, award-winning game designer, Suda51.
  • Multiple Storylines to Explore - The game contains 18 mysterious scenarios contained within a rich storyline with a wealth of bizarre outcomes that unfold differently depending on your actions.
  • DS Functionality Enhances Gameplay - The DS' touch screen controls enhance the thought provoking nature of the puzzles players face through the use of the stylus.
  • Lots of Additional Content - In addition to the original puzzles from the PlayStation 2 game version, players will enjoy 50 new puzzles exclusive to the Nintendo DS version.

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