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FIFA Soccer 09

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FIFA Soccer 09

Electronic Arts / 2008-10-14

Sports / Sports - Soccer

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Game Details

Lace up your cleats, strap on your shin guards and step onto the pitch to play professional soccer on the small screen, any way you want it in EA Sports' FIFA Soccer 09. Experience the most authentic soccer simulation EA Sports has delivered on the Nintendo DS as you live the fantasy of playing as a professional player living the dream in the international leagues..

'FIFA Soccer 09' for DS game logo
An offensive set piece in 'FIFA Soccer 09' for DS

Set up quick offensive plays.
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Squad selection in 'FIFA Soccer 09' for DS

Select your squad and position.
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A defensive set piece in front of the goal in 'FIFA Soccer 09' for DS

Effectively defend your goal.
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A Lightning Fast Game Engine
Powered by a game engine built exclusively for Nintendo DS that operates at 60 frames per second, FIFA Soccer 09 delivers dramatically more responsive, intelligent and realistic physical action. Double the frame rate enables players to move more fluidly around the pitch, react more intelligently to the action and creates a much faster paced game. Players make more intelligent runs, deliver crisp, beautifully placed passes and snap off precision shots.

Realistic Gameplay
From the moment you step onto the pitch, FIFA Soccer 09 challenges you to think and react like a real player through the popular feature innovation 'Be A Pro' - now debuting on Nintendo DS. Gamers can play over multiple seasons and the mode features the unique Be A Pro camera that tracks your player, re-creating the excitement and rush of racing in on goal. In Be A Pro you choose a professional player or create your own player and then develop his skills in the outfield position of your choice until he becomes a national legend. Every match performance is evaluated in real-time with in-game feedback and a final rating.

Key Game Features:

  • 60 Frames Per Second - Double the frame rate and over 100 new animations deliver more responsive, intelligent and realistic physical action. Players move more fluidly around the pitch, deliver beautifully placed passes and snap off precision shots.
  • Be A Pro - Pick a professional player or create a player and test your ability. Master positioning, improve your attributes and develop into an elite player. Cooperate with up to three friends fixed to their player on the same team or go head-to-head as rivals with a single cart and local multiplayer.
  • Real-Time Feedback - Track your performance in every match in real-time with in-game feedback and a final rating. Earn skill points to develop your player into a national legend.
  • Penalty Shoot-Out Mode - Experience the elation and agony of a penalty shoot-out as if you were on the pitch. New shot animations add a variety of new shots to your arsenal to strike the ball past the goalie. Master your nerves to score the goal that wins your team glory.
  • New Slide Tackles - Defenders now have the ability to execute slide tackle to interrupt passes or block shots in addition to winning challenges.
  • Contextual Shooting Control - Deliver precise, skillful shots around the box or use your power to blast away from long range.
  • Online Play - Challenge your biggest rivals across the world via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Single Card Play - Go head-to-head against a friend who has another Nintendo DS in a Single-Card Play wireless match—even if they don’t own the game.
  • Complete Authenticity - FIFA Soccer 09 features over 500 licensed teams and 30 leagues.
All New Multiplayer Options
FIFA Soccer 09 features groundbreaking multiplayer options for the DS platform. For the first time in FIFA Soccer franchise history on the DS, play with up to three friends all playing fixed to single players on your favorite club or go head-to-head with a single card and local multiplayer. This makes for an authentic team sport atmosphere in what is destined to change the way soccer is played on the small screen.

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