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Sierra / 2006-11-14

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Enter a world of dragons, destiny and epic adventure to fulfill the dragon-rider legacy. The major motion picture from 20th Century Fox in theatres everywhere December 2006.

* Live the Adventure. Experience the authentic Eragon universe in the official game of the 20th Century Fox Film.

* Fulfill your destiny as a Rider. With your dragon ally, experience breathless dragon flight and unleash devastating dragon summon attacks.

* Your foes will crumble under the weight of your thunderous magic attacks, powerful melee combos and ruinous finishing moves.

* Unlikely allies will aid you. A second player can join at any time for true drop-in co-op play with special team attack bonuses.

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Reply #8

2007-04-20 00:00:00

Extra Spell

After you learn magic and go through the Underground, you come up and go to a Dragon Tower. Learn Bone Break, or jeirda in the Ancient Language, and use Saphira Travel to Palancar Valley and get into Carvahall, where you start. Go to the crates and use Electricity on them. After all the crates are out of the way, press A on the stone and you will learn Blunt, which weakens Urgal's attacks or any other attacks, reccommended on Durza in Gil' Ead.

Reply #7

2007-04-20 00:00:00


A great place to train your ranging with your bow when you start the game: Far enough into Therinsford, you will come across a dragon saving stone and some arrows. This is right before a river that you can cross. Take the arrows and keep on killing the guys. Go save, exit, start game, your file, and the arrows are back, with the enemies! Keep on repeating this and you will eventually reach the max of your ability.

Note: max arrows you can carry is I think 50.

Reply #6

2007-04-20 00:00:00

Other Dragon Tower

In the area before you get into Tronjheim, after you meet Murtagh in the desert, you can save at a Dragon Head. You can either go to the Urgals or to the Dragon Tower. If you see an Urgal you're going the wrong way. Go the other way and you'll be in the desert but no Urgals, the Tower. There are puzzles and ghosts in there. The puzzles are easy, the ghosts are tricky. in the Electricity Room, you must Harden them and then use Electric Blast. In the Harden room you have to Harden a ghost on the switch and make a run for the door. Then at the top you learn Dark Mist, where you can use hard moves and the Urgals won't see you. This is reccommended by the waterfall where Kull are coming out.

Reply #5

2007-04-20 00:00:00

Infinite Dagger Experience And Great Dagger Move.

Here is a way to get dagger experience when in Carvahall, your starting place. When there are Urgals all over, kill them all except for the one near the gold ring. Go to the dragon head and save. Repeat.

Also, Great dagger move: Learn the Strong Combo Finish and Quick Combo Finish Moves. Then go up to an Urgal and press X, X, Y,Y and Eragon will hit the Urgal, hit it again, slice downward, and uppercut. The Urgal will die.

Reply #4

2007-01-08 00:00:00

when you fly through 30 rings in the dragon flying mini game you unlock a flying mini game

Reply #3

2006-12-31 00:00:00

this game rocks!!! when fighting durza for the second time do not stop pressing l or r when he is in front of you. he can not attack you when you are attacking him

gamer gurlie
Reply #2

2006-12-30 00:00:00

at the last battle aganst durza and the beast when u get a chance to fire durza dont stop because he cant hit u when hes getting hit

Reply #1

2006-12-29 00:00:00

After your first encounter with saphira you unlock the mini-game mindtouch. This mini-game is supposed to help you draw spells better.


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