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Ener-G: Gym Rockets

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Ener-G: Gym Rockets

Ubisoft / 2008-10-21


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Game Details

Live the life of an up-and-coming female gymnast bound for the Olympic games in Ener-G Gym Rockets. A realistic and fun representation of all the aspects of actual gymnastics, Gym Rockets features training for and competition in five gymnastic events such as uneven bars, balance beam, vault and floor exercise. In addition, it also contains extensive character customization options reflecting the fun, feminine side of gymnastics including variations in outfits, hairstyles, hair ribbons and performance music.

'Ener-G Gym Rockets' game logo
In Ener-G Gym Rockets players take on the role of a young female gymnast making her way through successive levels of competition that will eventually lead to the Olympic games. This road to the medal round is full of training, choreography, fashion and fun as players familiarize themselves with the various elements that make up a winning performance in each of the five events, which include, uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercises, vault and freestyle performance. But you are not alone on this journey. Just as in actual gymnastics, players are guided by their coach. In the gym your coach will observe your training for each event, making suggestions where needed concerning technique and style, which include DS-specific instructions. Outside the gym they will also advise you in making decisions regarding your appearance and music for your routines. Once out on the mat in competition players will compete for high scores, receiving marks for individual elements within routines, that make up a combined total.

Key Game Features:

  • Perform as a gymnast and flip and twirl through a series of gymnastics training and performances.
  • Creative expression: Create individual routines by combining moves from more than 100 different options.
  • Learn new moves and compete in five different events:
    • Uneven bars
    • Balance beam
    • Floor exercises
    • Vault
    • Freestyle performance
  • Customizable gear, outfits and accessories.
  • In story mode, players can watch as their gymnast goes from the local gym all the way to the Olympics.
  • Fun and unique mini-games with unlockable items such as new moves, accessories and outfits
Character Customization
In addition to the competition, a big part of real-life gymnastics for young girls are its fun flashy outfits, accessories, hairdos and music. Ener-G Gym Rockets provides players with access to all these, as well as other custom gear, through a deep character customization system that includes, but is not limited to, outfits, hair styles, hair ribbons and performance music. As the game begins players are given initial options in all these categories, but as you improve you will unlock many more items that can be stored within the game and used at anytime to liven up a routine, or just to ratchet up the fun.


Character customization in 'Ener-G Gym Rockets'

Customize characters.
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Coach making suggestions in 'Ener-G Gym Rockets'

Train with a coach.
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High score ion the balance beam in 'Ener-G Gym Rockets'

Compete in 5 events.
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In-game venues in 'Ener-G Gym Rockets'

Multiple in-game venues.
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