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Eco Creatures: Save the Forest

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Eco Creatures: Save the Forest

Majesco Games / 2008-03-04

Strategy / Real Time Strategy

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Game Details

At the foot of Mana Mountain is the naturally beautiful Mana Woods. Animals, spirits, and wizards once lived peacefully here until the adjoining kingdom set out to industrialize and destroy the forest. With the help of an old wizard, an army of woodland creatures and magical powers, you must conserve and revitalize the woodlands in this unique real time strategy game for the Nintendo DS.

• The first eco-friendly adventure for the Nintendo DS! Eco Creatures: Save the Forest promotes awareness of the perils of over-industrialization, deforestation, pollution, extinction and global warming, as well as their effects on various life forms

• Use the Touch Screen to control magical powers and units of woodland creatures with ease and precision

• Employ woodland creatures to strategically protect the woods and recover the polluted land. Each creature type has different abilities: Ecolis grow trees, Ecoby build bridges and swim, and Ecomon move objects and fly

• Manage your powers and creatures wisely in a robust single player experience filled with more than 40 challenging missions

• Nurture your woodland creatures to help them evolve and learn new abilities so they can better assist your environmental missions

• Plant new trees to prevent deforestation of the woods, earn power-ups that grant enhanced or new abilities, and grow your army of creatures

• Choose between an enormous array of strategies to defend your homeland from enemies and bosses like the evil Mecha Army

• Play with friends through local ad-hoc connections or via Wi-Fi Connection

– 2-4 players can play over a local connection or via game sharing with 1 cartridge

– 2 players can play via Wi-Fi Connection and see where they rank in an online ranking system

• Land Make feature lets you build your own maps and invite friends to play in levels you’ve created!

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2010-12-23 00:00:00

Ecolis and it's evolutions can go in some water (land make) and not drown


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