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Atlus Software / 2007-12-04

Rhythmic Gaming / Fighting

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Game Details

In Draglade, itís not just about how hard you hit or fast you move, it's also how well you can groove.

In this world overcome by Grapping fever, four young indie Grappers ó Hibito, Guy, Kyle, and Daichi ó will strive to reach the ranks of the Major Grappers.

An innovative mix of music and fighting means you will have to use your rhythm as well as your reflexes if you want to overcome your foes and show everyone that you're a Draglade master!

In the world of Draglade, "grapping" has become the world's premier spectator sport. Scientists have discovered how to turn matter into energy. Soon thereafter, they discover a means of harnessing this energy in a weapon called a "Glade." A Glade emits a sound when it hits something.

Fighters and entertainers quickly realized the potential of grapping, as the music generated by the clashing Glades in combat provided an experience that couldn't be matched in any other sport.

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2007-12-19 00:00:00

Unlockable: Characters

To unlock the following characters on the left, beat the character's story listed on the right.

* Asuka - Daichi
* Gyamon - Guy
* Koki - Hibito
* Shura - Kairu


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