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Dementium II

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Dementium II

Southpeak Interactive / 2010-05-04

Survival Horror

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Game Details

Dementium II is an exciting horror adventure that places you inside a secret asylum for the criminally insane in the role of William Redmoor. Arm yourself with revolvers, shotguns, daggers, sledgehammers and bonesaws to defend yourself against more than 16 horrifying creatures. Walk down the foreboding corridors and see the blood-strewn walls designed to immerse you in this nightmarish environment. Overpower and kill guards to fight your way to The Doctor and free yourself from the horror that has enslaved your mind.

All-new horror experience

All-new horror experience!

Solve challenging riddles to test your wits and nerves.

Solve challenging riddles to test your wits and nerves.
Encounter more than 16 types of disturbing enemies.

Encounter more than 16 types of disturbing enemies.
Explore the terrifying treatment center

Explore the terrifying treatment center.
Dementium II


William Redmoor is the recent recipient of a drastic new brain operation to cure the never-ending nightmare in his mind. As an inmate at the Bright Dawn Treatment Center, a secret hospital for the criminally insane, he is under the care of a mysterious figure known only as The Doctor. Trying to understand how he got here, Redmoor begins to remember — his wife was murdered, and all the evidence points to him as the killer — but the details are hazy. The grotesque treatments against his psychosis seemed to have been working, however, the demons he once fought have returned to torment him. The Doctor has begun his tortuous diabolical experiments on the other inmates in the facility, forcing William to not only slay the monsters that haunt his mind but prevent The Doctor from achieving his goal. Is the madness that surrounds William real or is it all in his head?

  • High-intensity sounds, realistic corridors and blood-strewn walls provide the ultimate horror gaming experience
  • Explore the terrifying treatment center, and fear what is around the next corner as you encounter more than 16 types of disturbing enemies
  • Arm yourself with a variety of multipurpose weapons to destroy enemies and obstacles
  • Revamped inventory allows for quick and easy access to weapons and items
  • Solve challenging riddles to test your wits and nerves
  • All-new horror experience provided by new gameplay mechanics
  • Weak, Able, and Strong difficulty settings offer a variety of ways to approach the madness
  • For 1 to 2 players

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Unlockables: Survival Mode

Complete Chapter 1 to unlock Survival Mode.





Dementium II s0 Dementium II s1 Dementium II s10 Dementium II s2 Dementium II s3 Dementium II s4 Dementium II s5 Dementium II s6 Dementium II s7 Dementium II s8 Dementium II s9

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