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Children of Mana

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Children of Mana

SquareEnix / 2006-10-30

Action RPG

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Game Details

In ages past, an island called Illusia floated at the center of the world. At the heart of the island towered an ancient, enormous tree that stretched up to the very heavens. For ages past, chaos and sorrow had engulfed the world until at last its salvation appeared in the form of a boy, a girl, and a holy sword.

Time flowed on and peace returned. The sword and the tree remained, and they soon came to be known as the Sword of Mana and the Mana Tree. Followers of the Mana Tree returned to Illusia as the world started slowly but surely down the path to recovery.

More Magic with the Eight Spirits

The eight elemental spirits are a staple of the Mana series. These powerful allies aid you with healing and special status effects. They can also unleash fearsome magic upon your foes.

Cooperative or Competitive Gameplay for Up to Four Players

The greatest innovation of this installment of the Mana series is allowing four players to advance the story and solve quests together while maintaining the feel of an action RPG. Players' actions affect each other in a gameplay experience completely unlike previous action RPGs!

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2007-08-16 00:00:00

Free items

To get a free item have a friend come to your world and then complete a dungeon with your friend. Then talk to Moti and he gives you an item.

PS: only works in your world so your friend can't get an item in your world.

free items
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2007-04-20 00:00:00

Unlock Secret Bonus Dungeon

Successfully complete ALL 8 Benevodon quests and complete the game.


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