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Break Em All

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Break Em All

D3 Publisher of America / 2006-06-20


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Game Details

Break 'em All puts a touching twist on classic arcade action.

If you've played games like Breakout or Arkanoid in the past, Break 'em All will certainly feel familiar to you. In Pong-like fashion, you bounce a ball off your paddle and against a destructible wall. When you knock out all the bricks, you clear the level.

To control your paddle, you'll use the DS touch screen. As the ball approaches the bottom of the screen, you use the stylus to move your paddle into position to bounce the ball back at the bricks. All the action takes place on the bottom screen.

On the top screen, you see your statistics and power-up status. Before your game begins, you can choose from a series of power ups that will aid you in destroying all the bricks. When you can make combos (clearing more than one brick before you hit the ball again), your power-up meter fills. Some of the power ups include multiball, slowing down the ball and having a longer paddle.

The game consists of three modes: Tokoton, Quest and Survival. In Quest mode, you clear levels to progress to a Boss stage. Tokoton offers a traditional gameplay of brick-clearing levels. The standard Tokoton mode pits you against 50 levels, but the random mode offers, according to the game, more than 3 million randomly created stages. That's a lot of brick breaking.

Up to four players can take part in Quest mode and eight in Survival, both via wireless LAN.


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